Logbook Loans Review: Looking For A Loan But Have Bad Credit? Then Read This Article

If you have found yourself in a situation where you need cash fast and other options of securing a loan have been exhausted,  then this Car Logbook Loan review may be what you’ve been looking for. You may have considered other options such as unsecured loans. But usually they require a credit check. But with logbook loans, you do not need to have good credit.

So if your credit record is not the most outstanding, then this type of loan still suits you fine. Your loan will be secured against a car.. But all types of vehicles will do, as long as they have a log book. Another great advantage to this type of loan is that you can get a loan for any kind of purpose – the lender does not tell you what you should do with your money.

There is one good lender in the UK that we can note as being a reliable one and offering good conditions – and that is Logbook Loans. It’s normal for a log book lender to ask that the car you use to secure the loan have no finance left on it – but this company accepts applications with up to two months of payments left.

All log book loans require you to own the car legally, and this goes for this lender as well. Younger cars are preferred, of course – your car shouldn’t be older than eight years. Exceptions are made for cars up to 10 years old if the valuation turns out to be at least 1200 pounds, or more.

This loan is easy to get and fast to arrive. After the car is valued, you can see money in as little as 15 minutes. And you get to keep your car as well – the lender only takes your logbook until you’ve repaid the loan.