Looking for a small car? Can’t choose between Civic, Corolla or Mazda 3

I have owned all three cars before. I currently own a Mazda and I would say that I am satisfied with the base model. I am pleased about the upgrades and I would say that I continue to be happy about my purchase, even now 3 years later. I will attempt to present choices that will greatly assist an informed decision.

Look at the base price and see what you get for the money. Look cosely at each car’s differences. Then separately review the option packages an look at the cost for what you would like on the car. You should have 2 columns, the base vehicle with it’s standard features and the options package, per vehicle. For clarity’s sake this would be the 3, Corolla and the Honda Civic. Rank them from lowest price amount to highest.

Then drive them and see for yourself what fits your personality and your tunes. If it has a manual transmission make sure it responds as fast as you think it should when merging on a freeway. The Mazda3 is a hit, by any Car Magazine, it is rare that you will find the 3 be trashed because it is a Mazda.

Mazda is the 5th largest Japanese car manufacture and continues to have a brand strategy that has responsive engines, light structure (gram strategy) and handling that brings goosebumps. To say Mazda is as good as a brand is a complicated question. Mazda makes the best 2 seater the Mazda RX8 in the business, hands down, from 1989 to the present. Mazda has sold over 750,000 roadsters. Make no mistake this is Mazda’s halo car. Similarly, Mazda is a leader in research and development with the rotary engine. This is a unique charachter that Mazda brings delivers to it’s customers. Yester years technology brought forward with todays solutions that were at onetime stubborn, now the Wankel is charmingly peculiar. They have the Mazda 3 which is a compact super car with it’s wide assortment of engine displacements, the same DNA that is baked into all of their product line, is in the bloodline with the 3 and it shows.

To say which one iCar Company is better than the other is subjective; but look at Mazda’s record over the last 8 years in the aforementioned vehicles and you wll gain an objective understanding that Mazda Motor Car is on par with it’s nearest competitors and exceeds them in the following areas: driving dynamics, they call this Kansei engineering, fuel efficiencies (depending on the country) Mazda has a 1.6 litre Common Rail Diesel that produces 46 miles to the gallon in mixed driving use. And finally, the MazdaSpeed series is a beast by anyone’s standard.

If you want something dfferent, reliable, fun and worth the purchase. I would suggest Mazda.