Loose Weight With Hcg Diet

HCG which is a fat reducing hormone is known as human chorionic gonadotropin. It is present in the body of a pregnant woman which controls the complete metabolic functions of hypothalamus. The HCG is the diluted form of the human hormone. HCG used is very much natural and is created at laboratories from sterile cells. Most of the time people do have a misconception that it is extracted from women or animal urine which is not at all true.

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It is reported that with HCG diet you can easily loose 1 to 2 lbs. One can easily loose minimum of 1 pound a day and at maximum 3+ lbs a day. During the early days of the diet you will definitely loose up to 1 lb a day. Intake of more of vegetables and mixed salad with each of our meal can guarantee you faster weight loss. Fiber food and water is most important need of the body during HCG diet.

 The original diet which was suggested by Dr Simeons is intake of tea or coffee of any amount without sugar. Amount of milk allowed in 24 hours will be only one tablespoonful. In lunch it is preferable to take as much as vegetables. Any type of non-vegetarian food should be consumed only as grilled or boiled and the visible fat should be removed before cooking. One apple, orange or some strawberries or half of a grapefruit can be eaten. The same should be taken for even dinner. In simple words only 500 calories should be consumed per day.

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The HCG diet has shown various positive effects for all of its followers. It gradually reduces the risk of breast cancer as reported by Fox News. It has proven to lower the risk of obesity to a great extent. All the HCG dieters have experienced a lot of health improvements in sugar levels and migraines subside. It has increased the energy levels and metabolism in the dieters. It is well known for boosting up the confidence of loosing weight in people.