Lose Two Pounds a Week Safely

Doctors have been saying for several years that losing no more than 2-2 ½ lbs a week is a safe weight loss. They consider that a fast weight loss, but consider it the fastest you can lose and not impact your body negatively. There are easy things that you can do to lose this amount of weight. The first thing is to be patient. You didn’t gain it overnight. Here are some other tips for losing weight safely.

Keep a journal. It has been proven that those who keep a journal of their daily intake tend to be healthier and lose weight more easily. In addition to writing down what you eat, also write down the times that you ate it. You will be aware of what is going into your mouth!

Once you’ve begun a journal, read through it and find out the foods that are giving you trouble. Identify the fats and sugars. Take note of when you are eating certain foods. Are these times of stress or boredom? Remove the sugars, fats and try not to eat emotionally.

Work in some physical activity. It doesn’t even have to be a lot or take up a lot of time. Just start moving! Walking for 30 minutes is a good start. It’s easy and it doesn’t take a lot of time. After a while, you can increase it. Every time you move, it will burn more calories.

If you have a pool or a pool nearby that you can use, try swimming. Swimming is great exercise and is easy and fun.

Don’t pay attention to how much you are losing, at least at first. Hide the scale. When you focus on the numbers, it tends to get discouraging sometimes. Instead focus on how you feel or how your clothes are fitting. Give it a little bit of time and don’t rush it.

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