Love Tips

Has it been a while since you and your hunny have reached that point of connecting? You know exactly when that explosive moment is. Okay, one of those moments can be when he gives you that ground shaking orgasm but that’s not the only way of connecting with each other.

Sex is a very important component to a loving relationship, it reignites passion and reminds us of the time when we were yong and in love. In a marriage or a long term relationship it can get somewhat routine and thats where you don’t want to be, although being comfortable is one of the positive aspects of being in the relationship. Getting stale is not what we are aiming for. We need each other for more than just sex, humans need companionship, to laugh is a wonderful way to connect, sharing your deepest emotions. Remember when he used to make you laugh? It can feel like an orgasm when the two of you are on the same vibration of laughter and happiness.

Feeling sexy? NOT! First a woman has to feel sexy in order to be sexy and this doesn’t come easy when your nursing the baby or put on some weight from not having time to take care of yourself. To fix this situation, start by looking in the mirror and see yourself as who you really are, no matter if you are over weight or underweight or just need an overhaul, get naked and real with yourself. That should prompt you into motion, when you get disturbed by reality, its a good time to change it. You are beutiful where you start and the only way to go from here is up.

Get thet body sexy…

Food can be your buddy don’t think of it as your enemy, your beautiful body needs NUTRITION not only just some fast food “Feed me quick” garbage. People are fat because they are starving, does that make sense? NO and yes, we are hungry because our bodies are not getting satisfied through nutrition, Americans eat empty dead food and it can cause diabetes and all kinds of ailements. Stop your bad shopping habits, remember eating asparagus and brussle sprouts? These foods are real and real nummy too! Clean food keep it simple, salt (celtic from the sea) and pepper are wonderful seasonings, who needs msg and all of these food modifiers? Get your taste buds back to normal your tongue will get used to eating foods with natural tastes. You won’t want to eat the processed stuff after cleaning up your palate and you’ll loose the toxic waste. Protiens very important for the brain and muscle mass, we loose muscle as we age if we eat lean and mean we will be lean and mean, not mean to hunny just ass kickin sexy! Water oh man we are a nation of dehydration that means water, good salts and minerals.


Since the food is stripped naked more than we are, we must supplement our diets and here are wonderful healing and life giving herbs and vitamins. The Internet is a blessing, any question you have about health and alternative living can be answered there. I will fill you in on a basic daily protocol for life.

Upon waking drink one glass of pure water (not tap)

Eat protien, either from a shake (no sugar) or the steak from last night is fine if your runnin out the door, you have to kick start that body it was already on a break from eating at least eight hours. Fuel it up!

2 fish oil pills or 1 tbls. cod-liver oil, good for your skin. If you don’t have it take a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, hold your nose and drink orange juice right after or you’ll cringe. You will get used to it, especially when you see your wrinkles dissapearing.  Fish oil helps protect the brain from depression

Vitamin b’s are very important for heart and energy, keeps you young and full of energy. Find a good mineral source. There are many to choose from you will have to go to your local health food store.

Thyoid is important for hormonal health, the tests the dr’s give are not always correct so read up and seek alternative health practioner they havdifferent ways of seeing into the body without being invasive.

Execise helps lovers get into the groove. A woman will feel sexy after an hour or so in the gym, it raises the seritonin levels and helps you love your body while working on it. Find the pretty things you like about you…What about hat cute butt you got?

So you thought I was gonna talkbout sex?

I am getting there.

Now let’s talk about your man, he is always hungry…I mean for sex, do you know they get a hard on at least 11 times a day? That could be trouble! If there is temptation around and he has not been fed sexually the relationship could be in danger. Working in the clubs for over twenty years, I have heard the real story of what men really want and need. ATTENTION! Ladies thats what they need, like your toddler but with big boy undies (probably batman). Its up to the woman to create that sexy place for her man to feel totally comfortable. If you have to put up a pole I suggest you do that and have fun, fun, fun thats the key to your HOT sex life. The men go to the club well you could build one in your house. Your man will be the talk of the town (you know he will tell his buddies) and their wives will follow suite. Maybe one of you can lead the pole dance class in the neighborhood. Take your man back from the clubs, they don’t need to spend the money there when you could buy great stuff for your new sex life and have more fun just the two of you. Don’t forget the balck lighting!! Wipes out cellulite in one click…