I speak about a life, my life little known,

What you see in me is only what I have shown,

The fear, the timidity, the lack of passion, you’ll agree,

Is the control of my mind o’er the monster called me.

Had I let the monster to flee,

To grab & seize every opportunity,

To gain name & fame for the world to see,

And create ere time my destiny,

I’d then be what I wouldn’t want to be,

Looking in the mirror, a sight ugly.

Although you may think I am as was intended to be,

The truth about me is a circumstantial stupidity,

Once as a child robbed of dignity,

Neither meant for love, nor fit for pity.

To sustain my belief, I turned to spirituality,

Then came she and I adored her like divinity,

To touch my life and heal, the reason of my longevity,

Her thoughts are noble, she speaks of humanity,

She believes by touching lives we build a community.

Yet there be people who see things superficially,

And sum up a life as always being easy,

None knows neath the surface lies the complexity,

Some life to live it’s been, a life of duality,

Laughing with the world, sorrowing internally.

Give to them who desire a life of eternity,

As for me if I could but get its greatest quality

To be what I am without pretending to be,

wouldn’t that count for a life of prosperity

For what is a life if life it is sans liberty.

Truly, people say, you reap as you sow,

A lot have I hidden, it’s time now to show,

A lot have I held, it’s time to let go,

A lot have I waited, it’s time to hit the floor,

A lot have I known, it’s time I let you know.

Even if it be that I don’t meet my destiny,

I’ll yet be a man, full of dignity,

Who can deny what’s mine rightfully,

As my poem goes “ME” with you beautifully,

And e’en if you fail to see its beauty,

It still goes with “ME” dutifully.