Mafia Wars Cuba looted items

If you think that New York ain’t big enough for you anymore, then it is high time to fly to Cuba! More jobs, more items, more vehicles, more secrets waiting for you to reveal. Are you ready to master Cuba too? Then, knowing the Cuba loot items will definitely come handy to you. As in New York, some of them are required to finish jobs in upper levels and some will just increase your overall defense and attack levels. Let’s take a look at them.

1. El Soldado (lvls 35 – 59)

Complete the jobs and earn loots that will qualify you to next round. Some of them are: Street Gang Member, Garza 9 (Smuggle In Some Supplies), RA-92 (Establish Contact with the FRG), Mara Serpiente (Assault a Snitch’s Hideout) that will boost your attack and defense. Never forget to complete jobs everyday as this will keep you in the game.

2. El Capitan (lvls 60 – 84)

As you level up, you will need more energy to finish the jobs. So, spend your profile points in increasing your energy than in health or stamina. El Capitan will reward you with: M16A1 (Transport a Shipment of US Arms), Camouflage Body Armor (Meet with the FRG Leadership), Chucho FAV (Ambush a Military Patrol), Ru-38 Pistol (Capture an Army Outpost), Cane Knife (Ransack a Local Plantation), Ocelot Armored Truck (Burn Down a Hacienda).

3. El Jefe (lvls 85 – 109)

Now things are getting really serious! You can earn loots that will drive you to success! Specifically: Montaine 320 (Shake Down a Hotel Owner), Para 322(Help the FRG Steal a Truckload of Weapons), Gaff Hook (Pillage a Shipyard), Cigarette Boat (Take Over The Docks). These jobs will reward you also with precious money that will make your Mafia even more dangerous; buy as many weapons, armor and vehicles you can.

4. El Patron (lvls 110 – 129)

You are getting close to master Cuba! El patron has only three jobs that give you in result: ASC45 “Conquistador”, Mini-Sub, Aguila HV .50 Sniper Rifle for mastering them as they are listed. Now you can compete with the most underground Mafias of the game. Do not be afraid to fight as looted items have increased your statistics. Just avoid attacking players with more family members than you.

5. El Padrino (lvls 130 – 150)

You have already accumulated money and power. Nothing keeps you away from triumphing than five more jobs and five valuable looted items. These are in a row: TNT (the most powerful weapon in Cuba as it gives 42 attack and 20 defense), Guerrilla Squad (great defensive armor as it gives 30 defense and 34 attack), Si-14 Cargo Plane, Hu-9 Helicopter (excellent offensive vehicle giving you 27 defense) and finally Armored State Car. These levels provide you with the best offensive and defensive artillery of the whole game. Already feel like a King? Enjoy it!

Mafia Wars is an ever-evolving game that will give you hours of fan. For that reason, the above listing might become updated as new features might be added. Happy gaming!