Make Friends With Your Hour-From-Now Self

Most of the time, we want to feel good, content, in sync with our Inner Truth, and generally not frazzled.    We can use that desire to help decide between options tugging at us right now, such as whether to work on a school paper or office deadline, do laundry, read a good book, go for a walk, watch a film, or write and post a blog.    

What if we make friends with our hour-from-now self?  For example, we might feel better in an hour if we complete or make good progress toward something productive that we sense, instinctually, will make us feel as good or better than other options.  In an hour or so, we can see how good (or not) we feel, reflect on the choice we made, and pose the question again.  We may choose to continue immersed in the same task.  However, a new direction eventually will surface,  such as ”go outside and look at the sky, then eat a tasty snack, then call Aunt Sharon and start chopping veggies for dinner”,  because we know that – an hour from that time – we will feel better if we tend to those things.  

Sure, conflicts may arise if our hour-from-now self would like to sport a new jacket we’ve just seen in a shop window while we simultaneously try to save money for our 5-, 10- or 20-years-from now selves (we want to be friends with them, too).   We can’t predict the future, but we know ourselves well enough to sense what is best for us in the next hour or so. 

Make friends with your near-future, hour-from-now self.   Then keep doing it!