Make Sure That Your Child’s Toys Are Safe

The main concept behind making toys is to enjoy, and the enjoyment will only be complete when the toys are safe for the kids. Mentioned are some steps which will assist you to make sure that the toy your child is playing with is safe.

You must check out the age recommended on the packing, this is normally written on the lower or back part of the box in small print.   

Check out the behavior of the child if the toy comes with small parts, even if the child comes in the age recommended by the makers. You as a parent have to ensure if it is suitable for your child.

If the toy has small parts don’t leave the child alone, when he is playing with it. The child can place it in his mouth even if you get up for a few minutes and this can be hazardous. Supervise when the child is playing with any of the toys and don’t let children run around with toys which are pointed or have sharp or poking edges.

The child should not be allowed to put the toys in his mouth as he may swallow it and it can lead to a tragedy. When you see the child placing a toy in their mouth, take it out and firmly say no to the child. You don’t have to get rid of the toy but teach him not to put it in his mouth.

Keep track of the notices and product recall from the consumer safety department. This is updated information and very important from safety point of view of the products. Sometimes a product is recalled to prevent injuries. Don’t use which have been recalled or are deemed unsafe.

The paints, crayons or drawing markers you buy should be non-toxic and should have been tested for it. The packing generally has a seal for this and you should check it before buying them.

When you buy a painted toy, the paint should not be peeling off as it can be get risky if the child puts it in his mouth or it can also get into his eyes. You must be careful of toys which have peeling or chipping paint.

Ensure that the dolls and toys are flame resistant for the safety of your kid.

The toys you buy for your child must be authentic and not some inexpensive imitation, from a cheaper manufacturer with poor quality.  You must get what you have paid for.

Check out the rating or message which the video game or the toy is promoting as there are several toys nowadays which promote unhealthy ideas and messages. It is essential to keep an eye on the toys which the child likes to be sure that they are getting the best influences for their age.

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