Make Your Dreams Come True, Become an Author Online and Earn Money

So! You know of the article submission sites like Bukisa, Xomba and Triond. You know of the news submission sites like Ground Report.
But you don’t only write articles and news items. Sometimes you just write for fun, to entertain others (and yourself).
You write fiction!
Short stories. Novels. Novellas. Novelettes. Maybe even poems.
But isn’t it really hard to get them published? Is it really possible to make money on fiction online? Don’t readers prefer stories printed on paper in books and magazines?
Sure, reading fiction on a website or in an eBook isn’t the same as holding a book in your hand – but of course you can make money writing fiction online!


Now, this sure is something. Over at Every Day Fiction, you can write just about whatever you want. If it’s good and published, they pay you $3.00 per story. Okay, this doesn’t sound very much, but if you write short stories and lots of them, well – here’s a chance to make a nice little extra income.


Here’s another site from the same people who created Every Day Fiction. As the name of the site suggests, this is the place where you submit poetry. It works just like the fiction version, and they pay $1.00 per poem.

WORK-ONLINE.ORG.UK (Referral Code “WOR:1099”)

This is a British site and pretty interesting. The concept is different from the alternatives mentioned above. At Work-Online, you write stories based on certain keywords and most of the time, “stories” means “articles”, but it may also mean “short fiction”. Payment is rather low, but the site is serious and if you work a lot for them, you’ll make lots of cash – British Pound Sterling, natch!


StoryMash is one craze place! Here, you write chapters in ongoing stories, some begun by somebody else. You make take the story in a totally different direction, or write a new chapter in the middle of the story. At least 50% of all advertisement revenue is paid out to the authors of StoryMash’s collaborative writing community. The more popular and read a chapter is, the more money the author earns.

So… What are you waiting for? Go ahead – become a published author!