Making Money Online Challenges

We have many challenges facing us in our quest to make a decent living online. The greatest of such challenges is the perception many people outside of Nigeria have about Nigeria and those living in Nigeria. 

Once you are logged into the internet from Nigeria, you are mostly treated as a criminal until you drop out of the internet. Some people have actually told me that we should do something about our people who commit fraud on the internet.

However, check the statistics of internet frauds and fraudsters and you will be surprised that more frauds are committed from the developed countries than are committed from Nigeria. However, because we are powerless and poor and we do not have the power to fight back with the correct statistics, we are forced to accept it and live with it.

What can we do? The umpire of the match is the coach of our opponents, so, we do not have a way out. But, one day, it shall be well with our economy and we shall begin to respond in like terms to our friends and foes alike.

The other challenges we face while making money online include non availability of electricity to power our computers and internet connection when we need it. The other problem is terribly slow internet connection speed we have. Our office recently migrated from the KU Band to the C-Band but this migration has not yet resulted in a faster connection speed as we had hoped and looked forward to.

By far one of the other toughest challenges we face is how to collect our online earnings after we have made money online. I started affiliate marketing without knowing how to get the money I will make after I had made it. 

However, this challenge is somewhat overcome since I used an online pay company to spend my income online. But, this company has now closed and I am seeking a new one acceptable to me and the affiliate merchants I was marketing for.