Making Time For Mommy

Realize you need to take time for yourself. Your kids are great and so is your husband, but face it, sometimes you just need to be alone for a little while.

Use anytime your kids are napping, especially young kids. Older kids end up leaving you alone unless you make an effort to spend time with them.

Use this time to read, watch your favorite TV show, or call an old friend. Enjoy your time. Do not do housework, housework can wait until your kids wake up and you can have them help you, especially for kids over 5, but younger kids love to help too.

When your spouse gets home from work, ask him to watch the kids for an hour. This can wait until you have the family fed or he has had time to take a shower or unwind after work. You shouldn’t ask him straight away because he has a tough job too, just not like yours, and he will need time for himself too.

Again, spend this time doing something you enjoy, not housework. This would be a great time to take a candle lit bubble bath enjoy a shower, or check email.

If you do not have a spouse, use a relative if they live nearby.

Use the time after your children go to bed at night; again, keep housework for the time when your children are awake. This is a good time to work on personal projects, such as painting a room or scrapbooking.

Find time to go on dates or go do things by yourself by hiring a babysitter or getting involved in a “Mommy’s day out” program. Some things you might consider doing are:

Go to a movie, BY YOURSELF! OH NO! No one will care or even notice and you will have fun watching the movie you want instead of knowing the person you are with never wanted to watch that movie or watching the movie they wanted to watch.

Go to lessons: Dance, Art, Piano, Singing, Ice-skating, Snow skiing, Surfing, Skydiving, Swimming, Wine tasting, Water skiing, etc.

Go play: theme park, regular park, museum, fair ground, rodeo, local held events, sportsgame, concert, etc.

Join a group or club: church group, bible study, discussion group, “My name is _ and I am _” group, yoga, gym, chess club, etc.

Do something you enjoy doing: Read a book, paint, write, start a garden, build something, redo a room in your house, take a walk on the beach or a nice scenic area, go to the beach, go swimming, video games, etc.

Pamper yourself: Go shopping for a perfect outfit. Do this by yourself. Pick out accessories, shoes, pants, shirt, bra, and hair items. Try on everything. Get a haircut and make a brand new you. If you can, go out of your comfort level. Wine and Dine yourself. Pick out your favorite treat and the perfect drink to go with that treat. Use your best glass. Fill up a tub and add your favorite scents or bubbles. If you don’t have a tub, find the place you love to be. Light some candles and turn off the lights. Put on some soft music and enjoy your favorite treat and drink. Think about what you will do to have fun tomorrow. Get a massage. Get a manicure. Paint your nails, etc. (this is a good step for those feeling ugly)

Take a trip to a place you always wanted to go. If you have extra money, enjoy your life. There is no need to have the fanciest house or most expensive furniture. You will get more satisfaction out of a perfect trip and disposable camera. Search online for places you want to go and events you can do there. Do not be afraid to do the events by yourself or go alone.