Manny Pacquiao to Train in Manila Due to Bad Weather in Baguio

Super typhoon ‘Ramil’ may force the popular Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao who is training in Baquio City to move down to Manila for the last leg of his training in the Philippines The Philippine weather bureau announced today the super typhoon may hit Baguio City in northern Philippines where Pacquiao is training under the close watch of his trainer Freddie Roach. “We just can’t jeopardize Manny’s training so we might just go down to Manila and resume training there,” said Roach, who will fly to Los Angeles this Saturday for the most crucial stage of preparation beginning next Monday (Oct. 26) at the Wild Card in Hollywood. Pacquiao is currently sparring with some of the most popular boxers including former world champion Jose Luis Castillo and Shawn Porter. reports
>Pacquiao had initially wanted to train in Baguio right until the day he was scheduled to leave for the US and then made a slight alteration when his handlers disclosed that they will instead leave for Manila on Thursday afternoon. But owing to the devastation that the new storm is threatening to leave, Pacquiao is seriously considering an early departure for Manila so it would much easier for them to go to the airport. >
As planned, while in Manila Pacquiao continue his sparring sessions with three rounds each against Porter and Jose Luis Castillo. Starting October 26, Pacquiao will train at the Wild Card gym until November 9 when Team Pacquiao moves to Las Vegas for the final leg of his training. Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto will collide on November 14 at the MGM Grand garden arena in Las Vegas Nevada.