Many Men Can Not Impregnate His Wife Because The Taxable Varicocele

For couples who are married but not too old to have children there’s nothing wrong varicocele examination for the man. Many men who did not know he was suffering from varicocele so hard to make his wife pregnant.

According to the surgeon at the Hospital Margono Soekarjo (RSMS) Purwokerto, Central Java, Djalalludin, or varicocele varicocele is a swelling of the veins (venous) contained in scortum or scrotum. The disorder is a kind of varicose veins that make one scortum (usually on the left) of different sizes with the right bag.

These abnormalities are generally present in 15 percent of men. Dr said to Djalalludin, varicocele is one cause of infertility in men. On a barren or infertile men obtained approximately 21-41 percent suffer from varicocele.

“Many patients who present with difficult descent. After inspection it turns out the man suffered from varicocele,” said Djalal met in practice like it was written on Thursday (3/15/2012).

It adds a lot of men who did not know he was suffering from varicocele. Early detection of varicocele can be done by making observations in the mirror and palpation techniques or feel while pushing.

“If size is not the same scortum and when there is a palpable lump of blood vessels resembling a worm in scortum the signs that a varicocele,” said Dr. Jalal.

Another symptom is pain arising from the scortum. It felt like Wiyoko (27), private sector workers from Navan, Central Java. Three times he had felt the pain coming from scortum and was mistaken for symptoms of a hernia. Men who had married seven months pregnant and she has not only learned this after suffering varicocele examined using palpation and ultrasound techniques in the RSMS Navan.

“The pain is pretty annoying because it feels a half days,” said Wiyoko.

Asked what the cause of varicocele he did not know. He realized his left scortum different sizes with the right after the onset of puberty in high school.

“The reason a lot of factors. In addition to its lack of valves in the veins is also due to genetic factors, diet, and temperature,” said Dr. Jalal.

He added parents with varicocele complaints generally ‘inherit’ blood vessels dilated. While the factors that processed foods with high oxidation or burning is generally easy to damage the blood vessels. As for risky high temperature factors cause a varicocele.

Why varicocele affect male fertility? This is due to varicocele disrupt spermatogenisis process. Behind the blockage of blood flow that causes the testicles to play a role in the process of spermatogenesis lack of oxygen and kill the cells that play a role in spermatogenesis that is not formed sperm.

For couples who want the varicocele patients with hereditary then the solution is to perform the operation. The type of operation is a lightweight, semi hernia surgery.

“The act of operation is to tie the veins,” said Dr. Djalal.

Studies on varicocele, published by the Journal of Urology Indonesia concluded after six months after surgery was found to significantly change the left testis volume and sperm concentration. Pregnancy rate at three months post-operative range of 25 percent and increased to 50 percent at six months postoperatively.