Marry Only For Love…

On this crazy path called life we search for the perfect mate…
Some of us search too hard; because we want to be married, we want to be in love…
Truly taking the first person that expresses that they care, we miss read the messages when someone tells us they love us.  We are so excited, overwhelmed that someone actually cares for us we rush in head over heels not sorting out the details or the real meaning to this relationship.
Reasons for getting married, to get away from our parent house, we marry not to be alone, some marry for money, some marry just because, thinking they need someone to enhance their lives.
The great thing about real love is it isn’t blind that sees something more important than your outward appearance of the moment; love is real love and a treasure to hold on to.  When you experience it you will know it.
So don’t look to hard, don’t jump at the first man, or woman that crosses your path.  Learn to be happy with yourself before trying to be happy with someone else.  Grow-up, sleep till noon, date, enjoy life, then you will be ready to settle down, when the right one comes along.