Mars Olivier – Part Three – Mars With Intent

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Mars Olivier

Part Three:
Mars with Intent

For the next two days, Mars sat in his lounge room with the internet connected to his brain by wires. He hadn’t slept, and had instead spent the time wandering through the virtual worlds of countless trashy soap operas in the SolidVision. Each one of them was more awful than the next, but Mars took it all in with a sort of morose interest. None of these characters was a real human, but they looked exactly like real humans. Each had perfect skin, toned muscles, dark hair and green eyes. These CGI Humans looked, felt and smelled exactly like every other human outside of the Mutant Facility. In other words, none of them looked anything at all like Mars did. They all had regular lives, careers and romantic habits. None of them lived hidden away in secret as Mars did.

Logically, he knew that these soap operas never resembled anyone’s real life. Still, he couldn’t help but wonder how much of this actually was like everyday life for a normal person. So, he walked through one trashy SolidVision Show after another calculating the similarities between them all. He imagined what his life would be like, if his father hadn’t cursed him. If he had normal skin, some natural muscle tone, brown hair and green eyes. Would he, like these CGI’s spend countless hours in a coffee shop on the 18th City somewhere? Would he have married Vennah four times already? Would he also have children with three different ex-wives? Maybe not, he thought, but he still found himself sat in a chair of some random café in a soap opera he had forgotten the name of.

Apparently, the man in this show had an ex-wife. Whilst they had been married, the pair had genetically engineered a fetus, and had it frozen for later insemination. Two years after their divorce, the ex-wife had decided to have the child. The man in the scenario had legally agreed to the release of the fetus to the ex-wife, but the problem was that he hadn’t told his current wife. Now he and the ex-wife were at a café on Floor 10 so that he could meet the child he had helped to design. Mars watched with a bored anticipation, as he had seen the man’s current wife at a real estate on Floor 12 buying out the owners of that same café a little over an hour earlier.

The current wife was about to enter the scene and think the man had been living a double life when Mars felt his wrist attachment begin to buzz again. Whoever it was had been calling him every five minutes for the past two hours. He marveled at this person who clearly couldn’t take a hint.

“Damn it” He mumbled aloud, frowning as he pushed the button. He didn’t recognize the face of the older man who appeared in front of him in hologrammatic form, but Mars scowled at him as he harshly spoke. “The first 500 unanswered calls weren’t a clue?”

“I do apologize Mister Olivier, However…”

“Oh good. Another Councilor.” Mars muttered with the intent of disturbing the man’s pre-rehearsed speech.

Whoever it was speaking to him, simply smiled with amusement and continued with what he had been saying. It was a strange reaction for a Councilor. Normally they would be annoyed that Mars was not ‘compliant’ with their wishes. Because of this anomaly Mars found himself suddenly very interested in this person.

“However,” He paused as though expecting to be cut off again. “It is extremely important Mister Olivier. I would like to meet with you regarding a job you have recently taken on. I have some additional information for you.”

Mars frowned. He didn’t really want to meet with anyone for another few days yet.

“I believe this is information you will certainly wish to have.” The man added very seriously.

With an audible sigh, Mars found himself unwillingly agreeing to meet the man at the front of a café on the top floor. The location amused him mildly. The conversation ended Mars turned back to the show only to discover that the episode concluded the moment the current wife had entered the scene.

“Next week on…” A voice-over yelled at him as Mars unwired the internet so he could get a shower and a coffee before heading up t meet the unknown Councilor.

*   *   *

It was a miserably overcast day with almost no sunlight filtering through at all as Mars pulled up outside of the café where he was to meet this unknown Councilor. It was a bit concerning that someone other than Vennah knew about the job already, but she had said there had been a group of them in on this plot. Still, he wasn’t comfortable with it and studied the man who came out of the café towards the car with a defensive level of interest.

There was something cheerful and relaxed about the older man. He didn’t seem like the sort of Councilor who would be in league with anyone in a plot to kill another person. There was generally an air of paranoia about such Councilors. Without that air, Mars concluded that either the man had no conscience at all, or he was not one of those attempting to have Poaul Cesar Olivier ‘removed from office.’ Either way, it was a clear concern for Mars.

It quickly became apparent which side this man was on, despite the fact that he did not say much at all. The Councilor sat in the passenger side seat beside Mars, smiled and said with great happiness, “You have grown into a fine man, Mars.”

‘So.”Mars thought to himself, ‘My Father’s supporters know already. This will make it even harder.’

“I know you have your own interest in this job, Mars. But no choice should ever be made without complete knowledge of the facts.” He passed Mars, not a folder, but a wrist attachment. “You should watch the archive footage in that attachment before you decide on anything.” His statement made, the man left the car, walked over to another which was parked across the lot, and left.

Mars turned his head to stare at the attachment; he didn’t think he’d ever had a shorter encounter with a person regarding a job. Most people would attempt to make a show of their importance, or validate their information. This man had done neither. He had simply left Mars with this information to make his own decision. It was curiously different, and reminded Mars of the incredible level of importance regarding this particular job.

He told his GPS to drive down to the ground floor rather than take the elevator. As it slowly sank downwards, for once obeying the traffic laws, Mars began to play some of the footage included on this wrist attachment he had been given.

In the first clip he played, he saw his parents in a hospital room. He assumed that it must have only been a day or two after his birth as his mother had gone missing before being released from the hospital. His father was looking into the baby crib with visible horror on his face. “Magna, what have you done?” He asked his wife.

“I wanted him to look different, to show everyone that he is different. I want him to be free, Poaul. I want my son to be able to make his own choices.”

“He’ll be found out, Magna. We are too close to the other Councilors. Especially too close to make it this obvious. They will look more closely at him because he does not look like everyone else.” Poaul waved his hands around frantically. “They’ll send him to the facility.”

“From there, he will see why we have made his mind different.” She replied calmly.

“He will rot in that place, Magna. You have seen it.”

“The others you have changed will need to have a leader.” She continued to be set in her decision.

The footage cut off there, and another clip began to play. Mars saw his mother alone in the room with two very stern and official looking hospital staff members. “Magna Olivier.” One of them began. “The Governmental Group has sought our assistance in removing you from your office.”

Mars watched his mother scream as they inserted a needle into her eye. She only stopped when the beige liquid had all been injected. Her face went entirely blank in time to blink blandly at her husband as he burst through the doors.

“Councilor Olivier.” The doctors greeted him with a disturbing level of calm. “Your wife has suffered a brain failure causing amnesia. We are doing everything we can to restore her to functionality, but there is not much hope.” Poaul snorted at the doctors, clearly not believing the line which had been handed to him. The footage rolled on as Poaul sat looking at his wife morosely.

Mars eventually skipped forward to the next clip. Much of the footage was the same, telling his father’s story from the perspective of the all-knowing eyes and ears of the CityTV.  When the car had sunk down as far as the 5th City Level a new person began to feature in the clips, Vennah. Mars felt his interest suddenly increase as he watched her conversations with a number of other people from within the Government Group. The conversations were not what he had expected to hear.

“Councilor Goeb,” She spoke. “It will be too obvious if we give him the amnesiac. What would be the chances of both partners suffering the same extremely rare condition? Tumors have been eliminated for a number of decades now, the entire population knows this. It is why they allow the Brain Prostheses. I’m stunned you were all stupid enough to try this the first time.”

“There are not that many options.” He replied. “What would you suggest?”

“His son. Mars Olivier.”

“He would never agree to it. I’ve seen him try before.”

“I can think of a way to have him agree Councilor Goeb.” She smiled slyly.

“How do you mean?”

“Never you mind. But, it may take a few months.”

“What of Poaul Olivier in the meantime?”

“He has been building this army for over 20 years now. I don’t think a few extra months will cost us much more.”

“I need to know what you have planned, before I can agree to allow this much time.”

“I’m going to convince Mars Olivier that I love him. There is only one way to get to Mars. Instead of money, I will offer him his greatest desire.”

“I don’t follow your reasoning.”

“I knew Mars, when we were children. He has always been an outcaste. For a normal relationship, Mars Olivier will agree to anything, especially if it’s something he already wants to do anyway.”

The footage went on, with clip after clip of Vennah betraying him. It ended with footage from only 2 days ago. Vennah in her car after he had just left, talking to Councilor Goeb on her wrist attachment.

“He has agreed.” She smiled. “I will be glad when this is over and I can get rid of him.”

“This was your idea.” He reminded her.

“I know. But, I wasn’t expecting Larne to propose marriage either. I can’t have my wedding whilst I still have to be pretending to be in love with both Mars and Poaul Olivier.”

Mars thought, as the car continued slowly downwards, that he should feel something after having found out Vennah’s plot. But, he supposed a part of him had always thought there would be a plot, and she was right when she had said that it was something he already wanted to do anyway. He had made up his mind about this job long before he had been taken to the Mutant Facility as a child. It was what had gotten him through. Poaul Olivier needed to be stopped. Mars knew from firsthand experience that what his father was doing was cruel.

The wrist attachment played on with footage of how the world had been before the cataclysmic event called “The Mistake,” had ended everything but the one small area they lived on today. Mars watched with a numb detachment as it showed him a time when the sunlight had touched the ground, when people had all possessed a freedom of thought, and when technology had been far in advance of anything they still had today. He knew the legends too well and felt no sorrow stopping its play through when the car arrived at his apartment.

The attachment had shown him everything he had expected it would. It was designed to dissuade him away from this job. Mars carelessly tossed it into the folder he had received from Vennah and went to get some sleep so he would be refreshed when he started looking for information on his father’s security systems, and house layout.

~Continued in Part 4:

Don’t like ads? The complete Mars Olivier is now available as a PDF for $2.50 usd through Lulu.