Match-Fixing Scam Has Rocked World Cricket – Pakistan Players Controversy

Mazhar Majeed,London-based businessman Mazhar Majeed, who appears to accept 150,000 British pounds ($232,000) from undercover ‘News of the World’ reporters posing as a gambling syndicate in order to make sure no-balls are bowled at certain times during the fourth Test, gave the following statements.


“You’ll find there’s only a few players who are genuine and who are actually here for the love of the game, and there’s not many believe me. A lot of them are just looking for money, women and food”

“How much they’re getting paid is a joke. I came from a football background and I can see the difference in football and cricket.It’s huge.”

“I used to go out on the pitch to give the players their drinks. Whenever we couldn’t get a wicket I’d have a lump of Vaseline on my hand. Shake their hand. They’d put it on one side of the ball and the ball would suddenly start in-swinging”.

“I give out the information the night before or morning. What’s going to happen at the end of the fourth day. But now we are not going to do any results for the next two games because we want Salman Butt to be captain long term,” Majeed stated.

“I’ve been doing it with them, the Pakistani team, for about two and a half years. And we’ve made masses and masses of money”

Pakistan Test captain Salman Butt and two other players, Mohammad Aamir and Mohammad Asif, were on Tuesday stopped from practicing at Taunton. The three players, at the center of the scandal, have been asked to return to London for another round of questioning by the Scotland Yard.

Pakistan’s cricket coach and manager were warned about the potential influence of the man at the centre of the match fixing allegations by the team’s then captain(Afridi) two months ago.