Maximize The Layout And Appearance of Your Blog

There’s a lot of advice out there about how to get traffic to come to your blog. Much of it, however, fails to cover one vital point. The appearance and layout of your blog can mean the difference between drawing visitors in and inviting them to read on, or having them disengage and click the back button. Think about it, what will be the first thing your visitors will notice on your blog? No matter how beautifully you’ve written your content, if the look and layout of your blog creates confusion or detachment, the chances of them sticking around to read it will be slim.

There are certainly no set rules as to what makes for a good looking blog. That said there are a number of points to keep in mind when considering your blog’s look.

Never underestimate the power of simplicity. Flashy and extravagant themes can look quite impressive, but if they don’t mesh perfectly with your targeted reader’s mindset, they can cause distraction. A simple theme that’s easy on the eyes is often a safer bet. Also, leaving ample white space in the margins or alongside photos will give breathing-room to your reader’s eyes, and keep them from feeling overwhelmed.

Pay good mind to what draws in your attention when you open the page. I can’t count how many blogs I’ve opened only to have eyes snap to some advertisement or several bolded texts competing for my attention. Very unappealing. Don’t make the title stick out like a sore thumb, but make it tastefully noticeable, and let it lead naturally to the body of your post.

Choose a theme that gives you blog a clear structure. Make sure that the content is clearly defined and not easily confused with the links and ads on your blog. Add in photos at natural breaking points between ideas. Try not to ever leave your readers searching for where they need to go to continue reading.

Consider subtle details that can enhance the readers’ experience. For blogs that cover multiple points (5 Little Surprises That Your Girlfriend Will Adore You For, for example) you could find a different font for the topic lines, and make it more stylistic than the body text. Experiment with different colors to make your links more appealing. Anything that shows that you’ve spent the extra effort to make a good impression will ring out with quality and make a lasting impression.

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Sheldon W Gray is a full-time internet marketer consultant based out of beautiful Hamilton, Montana.