Measuring windows in order to purchase curtains

     The first thing you want to do is get a blank piece of paper and a pen. Then find your tape measure.  Measure from the very top of the window frame to the very bottom. If you desire a longer length than the window … perhaps all the way to the floor for a shorter window … than measure that length that you desire. Write that number down and label it “length.” Then measure from the left to the right side of the window frames. Write this number down and label it “width.” You are now ready to go to the store and find curtains that you like that measure these measurements.  If the curtains you find are an inch or two longer or wider (especially wider) than what you’ve does NOT matter. You can just bunch them up.  Be daring with your curtain choice.  Just because you have a tan rug….and brown couches doesn’t mean you have to also have brown curtains.  Try red or turquoise.  What is the worst that can happen!?  A great way to save money while decorating is to swap with your friends.  If you have a friend that has nice curtains and you also have some you will be getting rid of you can simply swap them and have new curtains….for free!  Also remember…as eager as you will be to purchase your new curtains and hang them up …don’t let that distract you from finding the exact right curtains you want at the best price.  Shop around!