Menorrhagia Treated by Homeopathy

  What is menorrhagia?

        Excessive blood loss during the regular menstrual cycle would be normal if it comes for a cycle or two. But many women suffer excessive loss of blood for every menstrual cycle. You may wonder whether it would create much problem. But yes, it will. When there is loss of blood more than 80ml or when it lasts longer than a week, it is considered as menorrhagia. 

What would be the result of Menorrhagia?

       Due to excessive loss of blood, the immediate symptoms are dizziness and fatigue. When there is chronic blood loss it will leads to anemia.  

       Usually women have the menorrhagia with or without pain. The cramp pain produced during heavy menstrual flow is due to excessive uterine contraction. 

What causes menorrhagia?

          Most women who are having the problem of excessive blood loss during menstruation is secondary to other general complaints. Among them, thyroid disorders are the major reason for menorrhagia.

         In developed countries, the menorrhagia is possibly due to infections due to many sexual partners. In developing countries, the tuberculosis has to be ruled out to find the reason for menorrhagia which will produce menorrhagia in early stage and later leads to amenorrhea. Other reasons are due to blood coagulation malfunction like coagulinopathy, 7th factor deficiency. Sometimes women would have painful colic with the excessive menstrual flow. It is due to the cramps in the endometrial wall.

Homeopathic medicines for menorrhagia:

      There are many medicines which acts well in menorrhagia. Among them the best acting medicines are given:

  1. Caulophyllum
  2. Platina
  3. Phosphorus
  4. Erigeron
  5. Trillium
  6. Millefolium
  7. Cinchona
  8. Ferrum metallicum
  9. Hamamelis
  10. Sabina
  11. Secale cornutum
  12. Thalpsi bursa pastoris
  13. Ustiliago

         These medicines are commonly used in Homeopathy by the doctors. It is only the doctors who are able to select the right medicine for the person suffering from menorrhagia. It is dangerous to try those medicines without doctors consultation. 

        These homeopathic medicines have their own indications to be given to the individual persons. Based on the indications of the patients complaints one of those medicines or some other in Homeopathy would be chosen to administer to the person. By constant intake of medicines for two or three cycles of menses, menorrhagia will be treated by Homeopathy if there is no peculiar cause for the menorrhagia.