Mode of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analysis: Hurt Me One More Time, Please

Hurt Me One More Time, Please.  Authentic hurt filled experience remains the only true teacher. Without it, we merely parrot the words, ideas, and events of others. Our various troublesome involvements and psychologically binding intimate relationships serve as the ‘proving ground’ upon which we build, formulate and hone our inedible characters. Nothing short of gut wrenching pain does the job; except that we “jump in the gutter’ with firsthand experience, we merely live our lives vicariously without the benefit of the hard knocked wisdom gained from it. When we entered the earth plane, via our mother’s dark womb, we esoterically agreed upon meeting and keeping  cosmic contracts formed.  If familiar with MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Astrology, the natal 6th house reveals unearthed secrets regarding just what these converging agreements entail.

Agreements, whether termed cosmic or not, enable a person to fulfill a certain purpose of committed lineage of transformative connection.  In other words, it’s an ongoing process of inexplicable merit. Relationships prove to be the verifiably trusted vehicle of transformative power to enable a person to better understand himself, place in the world and purpose for being alive IF dedicated to observing, studying, and applying the various lessons witnessed, experienced and learned. No other ‘soil to be toiled’ can compare to the revolving intimate relationships one encounters and entangles himself in. For further elucidation, one need only to show up for his life in the exact and precise manner as it unfolds without trying to change, control, alter or manipulate circumstances to gain added insight.

 Romantic involvements, most especially, duly complicated ones, do nothing short of transforming the people involved.  Dependent upon the various roles assigned, one or the other usually benefits by a raise in consciousness.  Ask anyone who has ever encountered a mind shattering love affair; he/she will be quick to tell you that the emotionally vexing association caused a heart-searing movement not expected to be experienced. Consciousness is raised when one or the other of five senses is extended.  Though the physical idealistic experience of romance occurs on somewhat of a mental level, the truth carves its initial and lasting impact from a realm bypassing normal thought, altogether.  Consequently, consciousness is raised.

Emotional pain liberates but not necessarily at the time it occurs. Pain wakes the person up from his often times indolent slumber.  Usually, the person does not know he’s asleep; nor does he know that a change of consciousness is taking place. In fact, most often times, he is usually the last person to be made aware.  “Hurt Me One More Time, Please,” an unrecognizable and unappreciated mantra, disassociated while going through the turbulent confused despair of seeming loss. We exist so that we may know we are aware of our existence.  No better way to teach us than by experiencing pain, loss, anguish, along with the sense of betrayal that arises from  the experienced sensations of abuse, abandonment and neglect.

No one would be able to appreciate the value attached to the lessons of intense emotional pain UNLESS and UNTIL the consciousness has been raised. Before the devastating dissolutions attached to heart break in romantic involvements can be appreciated for their soul rendering merit, one must ask the primary questions,” Who Are You and What Do You Want?” When contemplating the personally motivated inner convictions, what will remain will be the undeniable knowledge that no involvement experienced has been without driving you to answer these underlying primal constituting questions.

“Who Are You And What Do You Want?” What specific stairs have led you to this point in your life and how is the stairway ascending beyond this point as you are able to perceive it? In other words, are you or are you not standing upon the holy ground presented with an appreciative blank slate receptively eager to accept, embrace and entertain whatever unfolds in this day of fertile hours?  Nothing is exempt. Everything is connected. The day provides a multitude of experiences which aid you in your quest of unfolding  sublime sensual artistic realizations.

Unless you are geared toward “Paying Attention” to the signs and omens presented, you will continue to bemoan the unsettling romantic involvements in your life as bad and unbefitting.  Not only that, but you will continue to try to blame and criticize others who have seemingly hurt, betrayed and rejected you as something that was NOT supposed to happen. You will no more be able to see the beneficent working of the divine in those tragic acts, as your eyes would be able to see notes of music.  In other words, we, as human beings, are incapable of grasping anything which our consciousness has not been opened enough to receive.

We are so apt to condemn what we don’t understand or fear. Furthermore, we continue to hold grudges long after the fact of their having served any unredeemable purpose. We want to believe someone has hurt, cheated, lied to, betrayed or disappointed us. We need to know we’re THAT special that we have been singled out. Not true. We are all in this thing, called life, together and we will not be passed over in the run of the years for our portion of earth painful experience. We must abide by the inexorable laws of manifestation in some instances, by realizing, we will never know the reasons why some things occurred like they did, have and will. The inexplicable explanations correspond to human limitations of mind and consciousness, not cosmic revelation.

Human events, which are inextricably bound up in the painful, disappointing and disillusioned romantic, intimate and familiar involvements, are merely clear-cut symbols, more exact: tools-of-the-trade, necessary for our precious ruthless soul’s experience and evolvement. From beyond the beginning of the seed behind the seed which manifested as the singular you lay a miraculous ongoing mystery of infinite possibilities. Let’s just pretend, that bound up in the galactic process of living, there exist a set of papers—cosmic contracts—, if you will, that establishes and maintains the far-reaching potential of human beings in their plight toward ascension.

Without a starting point of some sort, (be that in the materialization of human beings involved in all sorts of sundry relationships), the method of advancement would be pointless. (It may very well still be; we are incapable of knowing.) It is by and through the acceptance and application of transmuted realized perception, of pain experienced in relationships that we are able to realize how symbolic enlightenment arises. Who cares? And, what does that matter? It doesn’t and it won’t unless it matters to you.  The only possible way it can is by your asking the pertinent questions: “Who are you and what do you want?” The obvious answers flood your receptive mind and willing heart by embracing the cherished, undervalued and most perplexing of relationship’s experience, whose pleas of wisdom, ”Hurt Me One More Time, Please,” continually ring out.