Mokapu Beach in Wailea

Mokapu Beach In Wailea Is An Excellent, Family-Focused Beach

Looking to snorkel in crystal clear water in the Wailea area? Want a beach to yourself with an incredible view of the islands? Head to Mokapu Beach – where you’ll have all this and much more!

With the Renaissance Wailea Beach Resort tucked inland, Mokapu Beach is a broad, fine-sand beach that has some of the clearest water for snorkeling on Maui. The beach gradually slopes to the edge of the ocean, and it doesn’t get very deep until you’re over 200 feet into the ocean.

The best snorkeling is to the left as you face the ocean, along the reef wall you’ll see jutting out into the water. Once you get your mask and fins on, you’ll start seeing a wide variety of fish right away.

This beach is ideal for all levels of snorkelers – from beginners to experienced snorkelers and everyone in-between, with a wide variety of fish and colorful corals. Giant Sea Turtles are often found along the reef wall, and there’s a ledge about 100 feet out where turtles often rest and find protection.

Mokapu Beach is not very crowded during the week, with weekends mostly catering to tourists staying at the Renaissance Resort and an older crowd of locals. It’s a beach with few young children, and there are no personal public facilities nor lifeguard.

Once in the water, coast slowly over the coral reef and enjoy the blue and green colors, the high visibility of the water and the rather large Needlefish you might encounter. You may only be a few feet above these feeding fish, so go slow and take your time.

For clear water and incredible underwater scenes – you can’t beat Mokapu Beach.


1. Look for a big sign announcing the right turn into Ulua/Mokapu Beach Park off Wailea Alunui Drive. There are two large parking areas with plenty of parking for those not staying at the Renaissance Wailea Beach Resort.

2. As you leave the parking area, there is a walkway past a nice, public restroom and shower facility. At the dead-end, you take a right to go to Mokapu Beach Park and a left to get to Ulua Beach Park. Both are easily accessible from the same parking area and are just minutes from each other.

3. Make sure your snorkel mask is clear and ready-to-go before entering the water, as you’ll quickly see fish once you put your head down.

4. Slowly float out to the edge of the reef on the left, and go around the corner for 20-foot plus visibility and much larger and more colorful fish. Like all beaches on this part of Maui, watch for quickly changing water conditions in the late afternoon.

Bonus: As I mentioned earlier, both Mokapu Beach Park and Ulua Beach Park share the same parking area. Spend some time on both beaches, as both offer a different snorkeling experience.