Monday Night Raw 8-23-10

So after an immensely long recap of last week the show officially started with Sheamus entering the ring and taking microphone in hand.  Sheamus is able to deliver a decent promo so I’m sure he won’t disappoint.  He knows how to draw some heat a lot better than other WWE heels.  He went so far as to walk around the ring and make fun of children in the audience.  Talking about how spoiled they are.  That was a little weird.  But he compared Randy Orton to spoiled children which made the promo worth it.  And an episode of Raw can’t go by without someone interupted the opening promo and in this case it was the E-GM. 

The E-GM asked that a throne be brought out that Sheamus would get to sit in and watch the rest of Raw in so that he (Sheamus) can determine who he should wrestle at the upcoming PPV Night of Champions.

The first match was Edge versus R-Truth.  I am not a fan of R-truth and prefer the Rated R Superstar.  I’m going to go with an Edge win here.  Edge isn’t exactly what would be referred to as a “technical” wrestler but he can hold his own in just about any match.  R-Truth on the other hand….. isn’t impressive in any way.  Thankfully I was correct as the WWE chose to give the win to Edge.  Sorry K-Kwik.

Edge grabbed a mic and delivered a promo himself.  Called Sheamus’ seat a stupid little throne which was pretty succinct.  But just bragged a bit about himself before commercial break.

Next, The Great Khali had a match versus Chris Jericho.  Wow, i have a tough decision here.  Jericho truly is awesome in the ring but against the Great Khali?  But storyline wise Khali has an injured leg so I’ll go with Jericho.  The Great Khali did in fact tap out to the Walls of Jericho.  Two clean wins in a row for WWE.  Jericho also grabbed the mic and bragged about himself just like Edge did.  The Great Khali got a small amount of revenge by chopping Jericho on the chest one last time.

The WWE sure does like to recap.  They recapped on last weeks events with The Miz and Daniel Bryan and logically they immediately interviewed…… John Cena?  Smackdown is moving to the SyFy network.  I won’t be able to review it anymore soon.  oh well.

Next it was a Diva’s match Melina versus Jillian.  I always hope for a good Diva’s match and I am nearly always disappointed.  Jillian did have an awesome surf board moment though.  It got a little roughshod at one point, not exactly graceful.  The Last Call is a beautiful move and that is how Melina picked up the win. Sorry I forgot to predict a win on this one, but again Diva matches typically suck to the point I forget to care. 

Melina’s celebrating was interupted by Le Cool (Flawless) and indicated they will have an offer Melina can’t refuse next week.

The Miz then delivered a wonderful promo.  I have to admit I’m looking forward to the Miz/Cena match.  I hate to predict a Cena win cause I can’t stand him.  But that’s what I’m going with.

Nexus came out to talk I’m sure but they were interupted by the E-GM before they could start.  Apparently they were invited to come out by the E-GM and now the Nexus members can compete for championships.  Then Wade Barrett informed Sheamus that their truce was over and that was it for the segment.  Can digital pixels be considered wasted?  If so we just wasted some on the HD broadcast of that segment.

The Miz and Cena match was next.  I can’t help but predict Daniel Bryan will interfere somehow or another.  But we’ve had three clean wins in a row (counting the Divas match) so maybe the WWE will go with four in a row.  You know what would be an awesome moment in wrestling?  The miz performing the 5 knuckle shuffle onto Cena.  That would be historical.  The miz performed that beautiful flying clothesline to Cena in the corner.  I am putting forward the idea that the move from now on be referred to as the “intermission” he tried it again and missed though.  Cena then got to do all the moves he always does before he performs the 5 knuckle shuffle.  I hate that move.  Miz countered the Attitude Adjustment but only got a two count.  He tried the Skull Crushing Finale but Cena put the Miz into the STF and the Miz was able to reach the ropes to break the hold.  Honestly, this has been a great match.  The Miz hit Cena with a boot to the face and got another two count.  Of course it takes three pedigrees to put Cena down so its going to take a lot for the Miz to win this.  Daniel Bryan did in fact interfere and caused a DQ.  The Miz won.  Daniel Bryan put a kind of Cross face move on the Miz and a bunch of referees had to break it up.  Great match.  Lousy ending.  And I CANNOT believe they haven’t put a mic in Daniel Bryan’s hand yet.  Are they insane?

Santino came out with Koslov to wrestle Jimmy and Jey Uso.  Two thirds of the WWE tag division is in the ring right now.  I predict a win for Santino and Koslov for this.  I personally cannot stand Santino and I don’t give a crap about Koslov but the fans and WWE creative for some reason like Santino.  Koslov picked up the win.  A clean win.  They are really carrying this crush storyline on with Tamina and Santino.  Tamina is pretty good at looking like she really is attracted to Santino so kudos to her.  Don’t hate the storyline.  But like I said, I hate Santino.

A three way match with Randy Orton versus Ted Dibiase Jr versus John Morrison.  Sheamus apparently had to pee so he left the throne in the front to go to the throne in the back.  I predict an Orton win on this one.  I hate him too but again WWE creative loves him.  He’s the new stone cold apparently.  I was correct Orton won.  That magical RKO he can hit from any angle at any time and regardless of what’s going on it automatically knocks out anyone he does it too.  I hated it when it was being done as the Diamond Cutter in WCW and i hate it equally now.

Well, I guess Sheamus got out of the bathroom and they’re interviewing him pointlessly because he said he was going to go out in the ring and announce who he will face that Night of Champions.  After commercial Sheamus was in the ring.  He bragged on mic for a minute or two to indicate that he was going to defend his championship right that minute.  What this has to do with his Night of Champions opponent I don’t know but I guess we’ll be pushing that off till next week or something.  Sheamus is wrestling Zack Ryder.  A near talentless wrestler with a ridiculous look and gimmick.  He can barely handle a mic and his wrestling skills aren’t exactly anything to brag about.  At least he stopped with the one long pant leg thing he had going for so long.  I predict Sheamus will win and it will be a short match.  What do you know?  A boot to the face and Sheamus gets a pin.  The match was about 3 seconds long.  Wow, Sheamus brought up the old school rule that champions only have to defend their belt once every 30 days.  I haven’t heard that mentioned in a looooong time.  Wade Barrett interupted Sheamus’ stupid little remark about going back to visit Ireland. 

Wade announced that he will be taking the title shot he earned from winning NXT at Night of Champions.  The E-Gm interupted and supported Wade’s claim but also there would be four other participants.  A 6 man match?  Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, Edge (how come no one ever makes fun of him for his old vampire days when he first debuted?) and John Cena.  If i was Wade Barrett I’d be pissed.  I would want a one on one match.  Not this 6 man garbage.  But it didn’t matter as the other 5 surrounded Wade and started beating on him.  Then there was a series of wrestlers performing finishers on each other until Orton was the only one left standing. 

The overall match quality of the show was mediocre.  The Cena/Miz match was the best of the night and they ruined the ending.  All the other matches surprisingly had clean wins so congrats to the WWE for going that far.  So, it was better than last week at least……