Morning is The Best Part of a Day!

Most of my friends sleep too long, missing a morning and starting a day in the afternoon. For me it’s quite opposite: whenever I lay in bed, early at nights or even later, I wake up almost by 8AM and start my day with a cup of coffee. I look at the surrounding buildings and notice  Sun’s still orange reflection welcoming me. And at that time I feel like I could take a walk in a park or through downtown stretching my bones and muscles which rested the night before. If you take a walk in a park, you could hear bird’s singing and nature’s whispering of soft and gentle words of life. That is the part of the day in which I could find my true happiness through silence, listening to the nature. Human’s talk is sometimes too much oppressing that you feel like you could run from everything and hide in your own corner, safe from other’s influence. My senses and soul are like one, sharpened and ready to take the day’s burden and solve all the problems in my life. And then I ask myself, how is it possible that people are missing the most important part of a day.

And if you visit downtown in the morning, you’ll see almost nobody on the streets, wind and sunshine would be just yours. You could even hear your steps! That’s rare thing to hear nowadays, so you certainly must try it. And at one moment, just stop, take a deep breath and feel the smell of a morning. Unique experience, what to say.

“Day is known by the morning” – somebody once said, and I support that sentence by all the known meanings said above. Just set up you alarm and wake up before everybody and just take a wake to a park and listen. Just listen. And you will hear life’s magic and all the wisdom you need in your life. After that, you could easily solve all the problems you have in your life, think better and do all the things more efficient. One morning couldn’t solve everything, but if you start every single day of your life with a morning, you improve it fast and also influence other people in your surroundings. Isn’t morning just beautiful?