Mothers Teach Your Sons How to Love

There is nothing more powerful than a mother’s love. A mother’s love is like a blanket of protection. It represents security and warmth. When a child is born he or she tends to bond with the nurturing parent, in most cases the mother. By nature women are nurturers and comforters. When a woman has a male child it is her responsibility to instill love, compassion and conscientiousness. Conscientiousness, now that is a word that is rarely spoken or used. Conscientiousness is the trait of being careful or acting according to one’s conscience. It includes self-discipline, carefulness and deliberation. Conscientiousness is also referred to as character.

Many men enter into relationships e.g. intimate relationships, marriages and fatherhood with no clue as to how to love or appreciate the other person. Men have a tendency to be physical creatures, in many cases they need to see or touch in order to engage themselves. Why is it that men need visual or physical contact in order to exemplify love? Love is not something you can see or touch. It is an intangible emotion. Love is unconditional. Mothers you must instill these traits in your male children as soon as they enter into the world. Hugging, kissing and comforting are not sufficient for male offspring. Teach them to make responsible informed decisions and that their actions have consequences of which they are accountable. Today a young man said something to me that I considered to be profound. He said “Every time a man is intimate with a woman he leaves a part of himself with her.” “Whether it is physical or psychological he leaves something.”

Mothers educate your sons that marriage is a sacred union before God and it is not to be taken lightly. Before choosing a mate make sure she is who God has ordained for you. Stop looking at her physical characteristics. If your preference is fair complexion, she might indeed be dark. If you prefer Caucasian she might be black or other. She might be short and you prefer tall. It’s all aesthetics. Look beyond the physical and into the spiritual. A man once told me that the surface is the first thing that you see and there must be some sort of physical attraction. News flash, this is not love it is lust or mere appreciation for beauty. Love is a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a spouse, child, friend or lover. Since when does external beauty constitute love? Love is beautiful in itself. There is nothing wrong with admiring beauty, but beauty is only skin deep. Love runs deep and if your love is on the surface, I believe it’s what you call “shallow.” And you wonder why your relationships do not last.

Mothers prepare your sons for fatherhood. If you build a strong foundation in the beginning these traits will transfer into their journey as fathers. Remember a child is like a sponge he or she can only soak up what you expose them to. The same qualities you instill in them so shall they instill in their children and so forth and so on……

I reiterate, Mothers Teach Your Sons.