Movie Review: Drag me to Hell

I watched the movie last night together with my husband. We decided to watch it together since we heard that it’s a very terrifying movie. We prepared ourselves for some horrible scene, we can’t wait for the episode that the old woman(Mrs. Sylvia Ganus) will meet the young girl (Christine Brown) in the movie, and how will the latter be cursed.

I don’t want to share the whole story since some of you have not watched it yet. The only thing I want to share here was the movie is not the type of horror movie I was expecting. My husband and I were both laughing most of the time while watching it. No! we were not tickling each other :), it is because the old woman is really funny and very disgusting.

She had a denture teeth, and she take it out when she eats the candy in the desk of Christine Brown (Alison Lohman). The old woman even put all the candies in the desk of Christine Brown to her tote bag. While talking to Christine, the old woman coughed with very thicky phlegm and wiped it out with her white handkerchief (I’m sorry for this description) but it’s really disgusting. When they are fighting in the car, the old woman accidentally lost her denture, but despite of that she still bit Christine. It’s really funny I tell you.

For those who haven’t watched I want you to see it for yourself, and tell me if I’m right to say that it’s not horrible as I thought it was.