Movie Review: Friday the 13th – 2009

In classic Vorhees fashion, Jason slices and dices his way through a new crop of naive, sex-driven teenagers who are unfortunate enough to stumble upon his turf while searching for a marijuana crop. The storyline incorporates much of the original background of the 1980 movie, especially at the beginning, but quickly moves into new opportunities for Jason to try out new methods and tactics for generating the most gore for the buck.

For the hard-core slasher fan, Friday the 13th is just what you would expect from this genre. For the rest, after a quick beginning, this flick turns into one of the most predictable films ever made. There is a highly noticeable lack of substance to the storyline that, in a way, makes the movie very comical at many points. As a matter of fact, if there was anyone standing outside the theater, they probably thought we were watching a comedy! But, that is just how predictable this movie was.

Once you get past the hot bodies of the latest installment of victims, the cast is truly forgettable. It is your classic plot of boy gets girl, has sex, then gets whacked scenario. Taking a page from the original, the ending is just what you would expect also, leaving room for a new generation to suffer the wrath of the hockey masked, machete weilding mass murderer. Please, someone save us from the torture of another Jason Vorhees flick!