Movie Review – The Nutty Professor.

A scientific comedy I suppose. This is a movie where the personal desires and aspirations drive a person to discover the scientific solution of the problem. Well it is said that necessity is the mother of all inventions, so the same has happened over here.

This movie is the story of a very obese professor, Professor Klump. He is very famous for his experiments. He is working on a solution for the obesity problem. He meets with another lady who also teaches at the same college and the cupid strikes. He goes for a date with that lady but is humiliated at the restaurant where he takes her for the date. This humiliation comes to attack his obesity.

In the mean time his experimental hamsters cause rampage in the college and his science department looses funding for such a mishap. And there is just a lone trustee left for providing the funds and he is warned not to annoy him.

With the pressure of the Dean of the college, and with the desire to get thin in order to get thin so that he will be able to woo his lady love, he is tempted to use that DNA modifying potion. He uses that and a also loses weight. But at the same time his testosterone levels increase.

Well that is all that I will tell you of the story. It is for all of you to see the movie to know what happened next. How did he date in that condition? Did anyone doubt him living with that decreased weight? Did he return back to that normal obese condition? How did he deal with the dean of the college? For these you have to watch the movie!

My thoughts on this movie:-

1. This movie is a remake of the old movie of the same name which was released in the 1960’s. This new movie is directed by Tom Shadyac.

2. Eddie Murphy plays the role of the professor in the movie. He plays the role of both the obese professor and also his thinner version. Well this is not all ……..he plays a lot of characters in the movie. Apart from playing his and his thinner version’s role he plays the role of all of his hilarious family members. All of them are with varied tastes and personalities. He also plays the role of the female characters in his family.

3. The two best scenes that I remember the best for their comedy are… 1st the one in which the obese professor would get humiliated by the comedian at the restaurant and then again buddy love would get on to that and would repay the comedian in the same way. And the second scene is when the professor would bring his lady love to his family and then his family members would do things that would be extremely funny and would result in the complete humiliation of the professor.

4. Full credit to the costume designer and also the make up crew …. They really did a great job to give such a look to Eddie throughout the movie. The movies must have taken days to prepare for Eddie plays so many roles and all of them with different make ups.

5. This short of comedy is indeed rare. And everything seems so funny about this movie. No one will find any flaws in this flawless comedy and I would definitely recommend this movie for all to watch.