Movie Scenes Deleted for Being too Offensive

Although pushing boundaries has proven successful when it comes to movies, directors sometimes go too far. Here, we look at the 20 most memorable scenes that were cut out of movies for being too offensive.

18. Horrible Bosses 2

Photo: Courtesy of LA Times

Even though many people praised Jennifer Aniston’s raunchy performance in both Horrible Bosses movies, one scene went too far and was eventually deleted from the movie. In the scene, Charlie Day’s character is in a coma, and Aniston’s character takes advantage of him. Yikes.

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17. Divergent

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The Divergent movies are based on a book trilogy by Veronica Roth. In the first book, a character named Edward is stabbed in the eye with a butter knife. Since the demographic of the Divergent movies is teenagers and young adults, Lionsgate decided to remove this scene from the movie. According to director Neil Burger, there was “a lot of trimming” done to make the movie PG-13.

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16. Gangster Squad

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Crime thriller Gangster Squad is based on the true story of an LAPD unit that combated mob boss Mickey Cohen and his gang during the ’40s and ’50s. The first trailer of the movie showed a scene in which a man opens fire in a movie theater. After the trailer came out, mass shooter James Holmes opened fire at a cinema playing The Dark Knight. 12 people were killed and 70 were injured. Out of respect for the families of the victims, director Ruben Fleischer decided to cut the scene out of the movie.

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15. Deadpool

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Deadpool was one of 2016’s most successful movies, as moviegoers loved the mixture between R-rated humor and a superhero movie. However, one scene was too raunchy, even for Deadpool. In an early screening, the scene showed the main characters in a very vulgar bar scene. Apparently, it was extremely offensive and nobody though it was funny, so the scene was deleted.

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14. Osmosis Jones

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Osmosis Jones tells the story of a white blood cell and a cold medication pill who try to save their human host from a virus. Unfortunately, the movie was a major flop. One scene in particular takes place in the human’s testicles. Yup. Although it’s hard to say whether it flopped because of this scene, the vulgarity of it certainly didn’t help.

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13. The Avengers

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Marvel wanted to make sure The Avengers got a PG-13 rating to have the best chance of succeeding at the box office. Surprisingly, the rating was denied more than once. Apparently, a scene in which agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) is murdered by Loki (Tom Hiddleson) had to be cut in order to get a PG-13 rating. The death of Coulson is still part of the final cut of the movie, but all the gory shots were deleted.

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12. RoboCop

Photo: Courtesy of The Guardian

Director Paul Verhoeven actually deleted two scenes from RoboCop to make the film less violent. In one of the scenes, a young executive gets shot repeatedly during a demonstration of the ED-209 police robot goes wrong. Verhoeven only cut four seconds: two showing the character being shot on a table, and two showing his head coming off. 

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11. Team America

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The movie, made by South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, had to be re-cut nine times before it could go from an NC-17 rating to an R. One scene in particular showed two of the puppets having sex, and was deemed too offensive by the MPAA.

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10. Scream

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Who could forget the opening scene of Scream showing Casey (played by Drew Barrymore) being murdered by the killer? Well, there was more to that scene than what we saw. The director agreed to remove a shot of Casey’s boyfriend’s guts spilling out of his dead body. Good call!

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9. It

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Although the move is pretty disturbing as it is, a handful of extremely bizarre scenes were cut out. According to a source, the parents of the child actors that starred in the movie were outraged by some scenes featured on the script, such as the kids engaging in sexual acts with adults and with each other. Cary Fukunaga, who was leading the project at that time, was replaced by Andy Muschietti, who cut out those scenes from the sceenplay.

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8. Charlie Countryman

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The MPAA was under fire after cutting one scene in particular from Charlie Countryman. The scene featured leading lady Evan Rachel Wood receiving oral sex from a man. The actress called the MPAA sexist for censoring that scene in particular while overlooking all the violence and gore shown in the rest of the movie.

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7. Deadpool 2

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Did you really think Deadpool didn’t deserve another spot on the list? According to the director, a post-credit scene involved Deadpool travelling back in time to murder baby Hitler. Apparently, the people at the test screening didn’t enjoy watching  a baby being murdered…not even if that baby turned out to be Hitler!

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6. Show Dogs

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2018’s Show Dogs is a family-friendly film… isn’t it? Apparently, in a particular scene, the dog gets his testicles inspected by the judges at a dog show (as is common practice in such events). However, the way in which the scene was written made it seem like the dog was being groomed by a sex offender. Not cool.

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5. Kick-Ass 2

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In the original comics, the villain known as The Mother F***** (played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse in the movie) has his henchmen sexually assault the hero’s love interest. If it was already hard to read, imagine watching it in the movies! No thanks.

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4. Back to the Future

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Back to the Future director Robert Zemeckis made a very good call when he removed one particular scene before the movie hit theaters. Marty, the main character, travels back in time with the help of Doc Brown, a scientist. During his journey into the past, he becomes his own mom’s love interest. In the deleted scene, Marty tells the doc what happened, an asks him “what if I go back to the future and I end up being…gay?”

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3. Zootopia

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Zootopia tells the story of a world in which all animals (both predators and prey) live at peace. The original script involved “taming parties”, in which predatory animals wore collars that would  shock them if they though about eating another animal. Although it was emotionally compelling, Disney decided that shock collars would have been way too much for a children’s movie.

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2. The Black Cauldron

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Disney’s The Black Cauldron was a major flop, which cost the company millions. The studios were going through a rough patch after Walt Disney’s death, and the new head of animation, Jeffrey Katzenberg, cut a whopping 12 minutes from the movie. Supposedly, it was way too dark for Disney. The deleted scenes include an army of the dead killing two henchmen by melting their skin away, leaving only their skeletons behind.

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1. Lilo and Stitch

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Following September 11, 2001, numerous movies and tv shows had to be altered, such as Men in Black 2 because the World Trade Center was going to be featured. So, what happened with Lilo and Stitch? One scene showed Stitch hijacking a plane in order to save Lilo, and crashing into buildings in the process. To avoid evoking memories of the horrific terrorist attack, Disney replaced the plane with a spaceship, and the buildings with mountains.