Music Video Review: "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)" by Beyonce

Artist: Beyonce
Video: “Single Ladies”
Album: I Am… Sasha Fierce
Label: Columbia
Director: Jake Nava

First cross-dressing, now materialism and female empowerment, I wonder what’s next? One thing is for certain, Beyonce has refused to let go of her music video saturating ways as she released and filmed “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” alongside “If I Were A Boy”. Her excuse for this was to act as a duality symbol: Beyonce the singer and Sasha Fierce, the aggressive alter ego. Unfortunately, this poor excuse (which is just a reason to hide the fact that she wants to over-saturate and dominate the markets with her music) continued its rampage afterwards with Beyonce releasing two singles and music videos at a time.

Here in “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)”, Beyonce is in ‘Sasha Fierce’ mode. This is kind of like Clark Kent and Superman. First in “If I Were A Boy”, she was Beyonce (err… a cross-dressing female police officer) and here she is a leotard donning and high-heeled hooker named Sasha Fierce. Also filmed in black and white, the entire music video features Beyonce and two female back up dancers who are dressed alike performing against a plain background and focuses more on complex choreography as opposed to flashy set pieces. Supposedly, this whole music video was made to look like it was shot all in one take but if you look closely, it isn’t (blink and you’ll miss it), but nice going trying to fool us, Ms. Knowles… I mean Fierce, whatever.

You can kiss the video’s butt all you want like the rest of the people and critics who are all praising it. The truth is that the message behind this song contains a very bad influence on young women. First she put out that other garbage called “Soldier” back when she was with Destiny’s Child which taught younger women what kind of men they should be dating (i.e. Lil’ Wayne – excellent choice, sure, right) and now she’s saying if you want some booty then you should put a ring on it first? What kind of nonsense is that for young women to hear and learn? Beyonce might as well call the song “Single Hoes”, oh and don’t even get me started on what the lyrics could be, just use your imagination.