My 5 Favorite Sites to Write for Online and Make Money


Obviously, I like Bukisa. Bukisa is a very easy site to use, you have the option of writing about pretty much whatever you want, and you don’;t need to write thousands of articles before you make money. I literally had only one article on Bukisa for about two years and I STILL made money. Money earned on Bukisa goes to your Google Adsense account (so make sure you have one of those!)


List My Five is another great site to write for and make money on. It may not be the biggest money maker on this list, but it sure is one of my absolute favorite places to be online. Not only is it fun to make top 5 lists about whatever I want, but it is also fun to check out other people’;s lists and get into discussions with them. The majority of the people who write for this site are wonderful, kind, helpful people that I have been lucky enough to know for years. They, like me, enjoy getting others into online writing successfully. We even have lists on Twitter of LM5 members to help promote one another’;s lists. If you write for LM5, please find me on Twitter (@ponchomeg) and get connected with the rest of the crew, because the truth is, if you put a lot of effort into promoting your lists, you can make a lot more money. On average every month, I make between $5 and $10 on List My Five without doing anything. If I promote my work, write new lists, etc. I can make between $20 and $30 a month usually with what I have. So if you have a lot of free time, List My Five could potentially be one of your big money makers.


Squidoo is a very fun site to write for and make money. Instead of writing articles, you write “lenses” that can include pictures, videos, links, affiliate marketing, polls, etc. Just like with Bukisa and List My Five, you have a lot of freedom to write about whatever you want. I also really like Squidoo as a site to write for and make money because they have quests and rewards and things to encourage you in your efforts. A little bit of encouragement often goes a long way in the world of online writing, as it can be a disappointing, frustrating profession at times. The Squidoo community is another really friendly, helpful one too, so you don’;t have to feel alone when you’;re starting out on the site. It’;s great! So if you love to be SUPER creative with your online writing, and want to make money too, check out Squidoo.

(SIDE NOTE: If you feel a sense to help others in need, Squidoo gives you the option of donating some or all of your earnings to charitable organizations. I currently donate some of my earnings to the ASPCA and several children’;s  charities and programs. I love having this option, and I think it speaks well of Squidoo that they offer this easy way to give back while still giving you an opportunity to make major money writing online.)


Hubpages is another site that I write for to make money. I don’;t make ton of money writing “hubs,” but like Squidoo, the experience is a more creative one that your typical article writing site, so it’;s just a lot of fun to do. The community at Hubpages can be very helpful, though there seems to be a sense of elitism amongst some of the strongest hubbers. That’;s okay though… they don’;t stop me from doing my thing. Or yours either. 


Part writing site, part sharing site, part social site, Bubblews is an AWESOME new website that pays you for your writing, for your views, for the likes and shares you receive, etc. Each action only pays a penny or so I believe, but it adds up fast and payout is only $25. I am looking forward to doing a lot more with Bubblews in the future.


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