My Playstation 3 Keeps Freezing – How To Fix Ps3 Freezes

No doubt that PS3 console claimed to be world top cutting edge gaming technology, but does not mean it comes without flaws. Nothing is prefect in this world. Like other gaming console, PS3 also face the same kind of problem while gamers encounter display freezes during game play. What happen if you face this problem? Smack your PS3? You not need to do so. Keep on reading this hub and share with your few options that you can take to up your PS3 back on games again within hours.

Why PS3 Freezing Problem Happen?

Before going into deep on how to repair your PS3, is good to know what actually cause your PS3 console freezing during game play.PS3 freezes problem most likely cause by console oveheating. When the console run for long period of time without rest, huge amount of heat generated by Ps3 processor. If the heat not able to spread out through the expected air flow due to blocked by dust or dirt, it will cause the Ps3 console GPU (graphic processor unit) & CPU (central processor unit) to melt and instantly cut off the connection among internal component on the motherboard.

There are some other reason that may cause the PS3 freezes such as hard drive not plugged properly, loose cable, power supply interruption and more. If this the case, all you need to do is re-plug in the hard drive or cable then you can up your PS3 console within minutes. 

Tips On How To Repair Ps3 Freezing Problems

If your Ps3 console encountered freezing problem, follow below step to troubleshoot your PS3:

1. Turn off your console instantly and let your console to rest for about 30 minutes. As mention above, PS3 freezing problem due to overheating, you need to let your console cool down. Place with have good air flow, so the internal heat able to spread out easily.After 30 minutes, you can turn on the console again to see whether the freezing problem still happen. If the problem gone, which mean you need to replacing a cooling fan or adding a cooling pad to the bottom of your PS3. Overheating problem is the killer.

2. Then unplug all the connection cables which hook up with your console, including the power cord cable as well. Make sure all cables in good condition, none of them are damaged.

3. In addition to this you could also try removing the hard drive and putting it back in, or replacing the hard drive if you think it is damaged. In order to replace hard drive, you need to open up the PS3 console, if you don’t know how to start, read here: how to open up PS3 console.

I try all above tips but none of them working, how? This could be nasty problem, where you have 2 options to get rid of the PS3 freezing error. 

Here what you can do:

Option 1: Send Back to Sony for Repair.

Just give a call (Sony service number located on their official website) to local Sony service to pick up your broken PS3.Sony can repair your PS3 almost everything, regardless what error has affected your console, including ylod (yellow light of death) error, hard drive error, disc not reading and this – the HDMI black screen error as well. If your PS3 console still within the warranty period, encourage you to send your console over to Sony. Else, if your PS3 warranty period is expired, then it will cost you $150 to get the black screen of death repaired, which is a big amount of money too. You may need to wait for quite a long time, to get your PlayStation3 game console back in your hand. Sometimes, you may also need to wait for over 6 weeks! Hence, I think this is the last possible solution that you should go for.

Option 2: Fix It Yourself

Fixing a PS3 ylod problem not as complicated as you think it was. If you knew the proper and correct step to begin, you can get back your PS3 in action within hours. You not need to be a high IQ technical geek in order to get this job done. All you need is a professional and high quality PS3 repair guide to teach step by step on how to fix PS3 yellow light of death problem by yourself.

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