My triond revenue this year

Triond traffic is much more nowadays and it enables me to earn more with my articles. I’ve been with Triond over a year off and on. Last year traffic was not as fast but it’s much faster now so I think now it’s a great time to start writing more. I think that Triond has utilizes some traffic sharing programs that help us earn more traffic. I think outbrain is where some of our articles are being read. Our articles are shown on many other websites across the web like Huffington Post, AC, Bukisa, and many others. I think this really help many of us. We get a little of boost in traffic. I think twitter helps too but it’s not as fast as outbrain.

The community is also helping me with some traffic. I saw that a lot of reads were from the community members. I’m glad that Triond is helping many of us earn more. A year ago, I was earning about several dollars a month but now it’s around $30-$40 a month with only several hundred articles. I don’t have that many articles here yet but I think if I write more it will help me earn more. If I’m comparing Triond with other websites, I’m seeing that my revenues are almost the same across most websites which is great news. I used to earn more elsewhere but now I’m earning just as much at Triond.

It’s something to be excited about here since there are so many places that we can publish our articles, and other art work here at Triond. I think that traffic will get better and better and we will be able to earn more with Triond if we stick around. Triond revenue for me is almost similar to my earnings on AC, Bukisa or Xomba which is very exciting. These are some of the changes within the last year at Triond for me. I think that things will continue to change for the better and we will have more traffic and revenues for our articles. We should stick around and see Triond grow.