Mylot – Social Networking Website That Pays User

Mylot is a site where you GETPaid to Post or simply speaking at mylot you GET PAID TO CHAT or Discuss or for asking questions and Giving answers!

You Ask questions and get it answered by thousands of people at the myLot community. You Answer questions and take part in discussions posted by people at Mylot, and for doing all that you get paid! Its like you are paid for sharing your knowledge and making new friends. You can ask any kind of questions and give any kind of answers on any kind of topics!

Its just like Yahoo! Answers, with the difference that you are paid instead of accumulating points. Its just like Orkut, with the difference that you get paid for every scrap! In short you are getting paid to write, Paid to Chat, Paid to Type, Paid to take part in discussions, Paid for asking questions, Paid for answering questions, Paid for passing comments, Paid to share your knowledge, Paid for uploading pictures and last but not the least You are paid just to have fun.

And once your account has accumulated a Minimum balance of $10 you are paid through your paypal account. (What is paypal?)Don’t worry If you don’t have a PayPal account. You can create one for free by Clicking Here

For the time being you only need to create a Free “Personal Account“.

Paypal might ask you to verify your account with a Credit Card, but its optional and you may prefer to skip that step. So, all you need is a “Free” Unverified PayPal account to get paid by Mylot!
You can withdraw the funds from paypal either to your bank account, or request a check.

Mylot also pays through Moneybookers, useful for those members in whose countries PayPal is not accepted.

Click here to Create a free MoneyBookers Account.

How do I earn at myLot?

1. Earn By Responding to Discussions!

The most popular method of earning in mylot is when you respond to a discussion started by a member of Mylot Community. Responses are like giving answers or sharing your opinion about a certain topic. While giving a response make sure that you write atleast 4-5 sentences. The more you write the more you get paid. It will not help you earn if you give a response in one line or by just saying “YES” or “NO” . Make sure to give high quality responses.

2. Earn By Starting New Discussions!

The next method of earning in mylot is by starting New Discussions. A discussion can be in the form of asking a question, an opinion, sharing a news and asking a question based on that or any thing which is good enough to invite a response from the fellow mylotters. Don’t start discussions which can be answered in “YES” or “NO” For example :- Don’t start a discussion like … Do you like ice cream? Here also the same rule applies. The bigger and more detailed Discussions you start the more you get paid. Participate in your discussions and allow it to grow. That will help your earnings considerably.

TIP:Starting Lengthy (10-15 Lines) Discussions pay you more than giving responses.

3. Earn By Passing Comments on others Responses!

Mylot pays you for passing comments on responses made by other members to a particular discussion. The same old rule applies, you get paid depending on the quality and length of your comments.

4. Earn By Uploading Pictures with your Discussions and Responses!

Mylot also pays for uploading pictures along with your discussions. Once you have made enough posts (500) in mylot you are allowed to upload pictures along with your responses aswell and that will augment your earnings considerably. Please note that uploading pictures to your mylot profile will not help you earn any extra cash. Such uploads are only used for the purpose of display.

5.Earn By Referring your Friends!

You can refer your friends to mylot and earn 25% of their income as well.

6.Earn when your response is selected as “Best Response”

Mylot also pays you when your response to a discussion is selected as “Best Response” (Some disagree with this, but In my experience I felt like earning more when I got a best response) 

How much can i earn with mylot in a day?

With Mylot there is no limit as to how much you can earn in a day. It will all depend on how much time you can spend on the site, the more time you stay the more you earn. So your earning potential is virtually unlimited. Again as I said, the more knowledge you have the more you earn by participating in wide range of discussions.

Mylot will not make you Rich! All that mylot does is to help you earn some extra cash for having fun or for doing things which you always did for free. There are Few members who earn around $100 per month ($3+ Per Day), but for that you have to spend virtually the entire day before mylot.

How much do I get paid per post?

No one can predict how much you will get paid per post in mylot. Mylot uses a secret algorithm to calculate your earnings from each post. If you make lengthy posts you get paid more than you make short posts. Usually Starting a new discussion pays you more than responding to one. But no matter what you will be paid 1-2 cents per post if it has a minimum of 3-4 lines of text + 1 cent for uploading a Picture. But to earn more you should make Lengthy posts with quality contend. The maximum i earned per post is 11 cents, but you could earn more than me, you never know!

Just remember this “Quality” + “Length” + “Picture Upload” = “More Earnings”

How do I get paid by Mylot?

Once your account has accumulated a balance of 10$’s (minimum) at the end of a month, your payment is made through your PayPal Account. Creating a PayPal Account is free and easy.
To create a free PayPal Account Click Here!

Mylot also has the option for payment through MoneyBookers. (Useful for the members from those countries where PayPal is not accepted)
Click here to create a free Moneybookers account.

Please don’t forget to input your PayPal/Moneybookers ID into your mylot Profile.
To do that Click on 1. Edit your Preferences (Top Menu, Near Search box) 2. Payment Information >> and input your paypal or moneybookers ID.

Is Mylot prompt in making payments?

Yes! Mylot has a reputation of making prompt payments on or before 15th of the month following the month in which a member reached the minimum payout of $10. Click here to see the proof of payments received by me from Mylot.

Do I have to make any Payment to start earning from mylot?

No! Mylot is totally free! You don’t have to make any investment to start earning from mylot. All you have to do is to sign up for mylot and start discussing about topics you love!

Few Tips on how to use and succeed at myLot.

1. Always make lengthy responses of at least 4-5 lines.

2. Start Quality Discussions, and participate in your discussions and allow it to grow. Never start a discussion and abandon it. Make sure you try to reply to as many responses you get to your discussions. Giving replies to those who respond to your discussions can encourage them to further participate in the discussions you start in the future, there by improving your reputation and earnings.

3. Make sure to “TAG” your Discussions and responses with appropriate keywords separated with Commas. Tagging helps your discussions to show up along with other similar discussions or when somebody search for a particular keyword, and thereby getting more responses and thus helping you to earn more.

4. Be Consistent with posting! Make sure you make specific number of posts on a daily basis say 20 posts per day or 15 posts per day. Mylot keep adjusting its pay rate, some times it pays more per post and some times less, if you have to take advantage of this highs and lows you have to consistent with your posting.

5. Always rate Discussions and Responses with + or – and if the discussion or response is abusive in nature use the Abuse button to report. reporting abuse is very important to keep the trouble makers in check and there by making mylot a better place.

6. Upload relevant pictures along with your discussions and responses. (You can upload pictures with responses only if you have crossed the 500 point mark, so try to get to the 500 mark point as quickly as possible!)
7. Make good friends who can respond to your discussions and also answer your friends discussions and rate them. In mylot you are free to add any person as your friend and most probably they will accept your friend request. The more friends you add the more visibility you will get for your discussions and their by getting more responses. It is a good idea to add all the “Top Users by Rating” as your friends. Since they are highly active members they are most likely to respond to your discussions. You can see the “Top Users by Rating” list at the bottom left of the website.

8. Refer your friends to myLot and earn a share of their income aswell. 

9.Turn on your notifications for you friends who make lots of posts, by going to your FRIENDS tab and clicking on the words “Notify is Off” to turn notifications on for each person, then you’ll get an email every time they post a discussion so that you can read them and respond to them and get paid for it.
10. Go through the guidelines given at the mylot site and follow them strictly. Violation of Guidelines can cause your Discussions and Responses to be deleted or worse you might even loose your account.
Guidelines are divided into 3 categories.

Mylot Discussion Guidelines

Mylot Photo Guidelines &

Mylot Blog Submission Guidelines

You can read all those guidelines by clicking on the “Guidelines” Link at the bottom of any Mylot Page.

Important Guidelines :Don’t Post your referral links to other money making programs.Avoid Starting Duplicate Discussions.Do not Create more than one myLot account per person. Creating multiple accounts is grounds for immediate account cancellation and forfeiture of all earnings.
Do not Thank everyone that responds or comments on your discussion. This will not increase your earnings.
Please take any warnings you get from the myLot staff seriously.
Make sure you search for existing topics before starting new discussions.
Do not Start game and poll type discussions. For example, discussions like “How old are you” or “Let’s see how high we can count, I’ll start with one”.
Do not Post similar or identical postings. Stealing posts from other users or posting the same thing over and over again will not help your myLot earnings. Multiple identical postings, even if legitimate, may be considered spam.

11. Try to build a good reputation at the site. The better your reputation the more you earn. You reputation is indicated by a star with a Number inside it which is ranked in a scale of 1-10. You Get a star when you Cross 100 Posts. The person with the star given below has a reputation of 9 out of 12. The reputation is determined according to how the people at mylot community see your discussions and responses. When you make a Discussion or response people can rate it with a “+” or “-” depending on how they seen it and that will cause your reputation to go up or down.

The Star indicating the reputation of a mylot user is 9/10:TIP: Place the cursor on top of the star and you can see it in a scale of 0-100.

13. Last but not the least, Quality of posts are the most important than Quantity, always make sure to maintain that!A Note for New Members (Earning are updated once in 24 hours)
Dont get impatient that your earnings are not appearing instantly, it will be updated only once in 24 hours, so be patient till then.For a Better Mylot ExperienceMylot seems to run faster when it is accessed through Firefox browser. So Try to Use a Firefox Browser for a better mylot experience.

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