Myths About Selling

A lot of people consider sales or selling as one of the toughest job. It’s because for most of them, finding the right customer seems so difficult.  As we know, closing a deal with the clients is the most vital in a business industry since a sale determines a business. If you do not have a sale, then you do not have a business.

Now, why is selling so difficult to some when there are also people who find it so easy?  The common myths are listed below so you can get tips on what to consider in sales.

Myth #1: People Buys a Product Because Of The Price

Price can be considered as one of the factors that could affect a decision when buying, but it’s definitely not going to be the main reason. Gaining the customer’s trust is the main key in closing a sale. You need to make the customer feel that you bring the resolution to his problem through the products and services you offer.  If you can show him the benefits he can get, then price will never be one of his priorities.

Myth #2: A Technique that will work for one person, works for everyone.

If this happens to be true, we will not have numerous books explaining the different strategies in selling and marketing. The fact is, your strategy on each client should vary.  A successful sales person knows that the key to success is through persistence.  If one strategy doesn’t work for you, then change it until you get it. Varying the approach to each of the customers will separate you from the other competitors.

Myth #3: Successful Sales person are aggressive

Characteristics of a successful salesperson includes being sincere, knowledgeable, considerate, helpful and empathetic. Manipulative, aggressive, and high pressure sales strategies may work too but it doesn’t create loyal customers. This type of tactic can win a sale but in the long run, it will lose the customer.  

Let us take for example a customer in a service center asking for an automotive consulting. If you are an advisor who can thoroughly explain what the customer needs with his car, then it would be very easy for you to make this a sale. On the other hand, if are very pushy with the sale and you weren’t able to satisfy the customer, then you should not expect this customer to become your loyal customer for a long time. 

Myth #4: Successful sales professionals and sales leaders do not need coaches

Everybody needs a coach. Information and knowledge taken from books and other media will only have value if it can be translated into action with the help of someone you trust. They will guide you on how to put your goals and ideas into reality. And also, they can even help you become more organized.