Namaste! a la Indian Style

I say Namaskar to you all a la Indian Hindu style a hearty welcome from me.
When you say Hello!, I bow to you with folded hands just face to face with you saying Namaskar or Nameste to greet and welcome you.
You have all said welcome to me and it is my turn to return you the same.
Saying ‘Namaskar’ is an ageold traditional way of greeting someone in India irrespective of who he or she is.  Sometimes the younger ones touch the feet of elders when meeting them as a gesture of showing respects. Earlier people of lower birth (caste) used to kowtow before the the respected persons and even they kissed their feet or took the dust off their feet to take it on their head. But that tradition has almost gone for good.
Some traditions die some timely death. That is very welcome as because some traditions are really heart-rending and very much poised to be done away with in courses of time.
And they are buried into oblivion. They are dead as dodo and they were destined to be.
But only some are. Many are still there as a beacon of evolution human civilization. Anthropologically they have become cultural idioms. They have been around here, there and everywhere from time immemorial. Human values are ingrained in them. We all are carrying these cultural traits as ever. Nobody has pushed them into us, nobody has thrust them on us. Still we are toeing the lines of traditions all by ourselves and all for ourselves. That is why C. G. Jung has called these traits as ‘collective unconscious’.
And almost unconsciously we are inherited to these social properties and we will leave behind them for our survivors as if these properties are of ancestral genres. We will die someday, but they will remain as die-hards – they are such a strong force to reckon with. We cannot cast aside them by choice as if under some social compulsion we have to get along with them. And we have to, anyway.
Time changes, we too get changed. But cannot change in our traditional guises even if they become well old and worn-out. We still take a long stride in every walk of our life with the same guises on. They have never become a spent force. But why so? Because they do really provide us with some room to breathe, a great deal of succour to exchange amongst us and they do paint us with human faces. Otherwise, what are we in this hi-tech world where there is no human essence to cherish or dream in life? At least, some in-built space of traditions are inherited to us from generations to generations to celebrate life in all its colours and hues and in all its fanfares.
Celebrating life is what life is actually is, isn’t it?
So, celebrate life in all its gaiety. Traditions will reign supreme despite all those catastrophic changes that have been brought over the ages.
Again, Namaste.
Whatever way we do it, it is all the same in spirits and gestures.