Natural Psoriasis Remedies – Why Modern Medicine Can’t Compete With Nature

Have you ever wondered if a natural psoriasis remedy could provide the relief your skin needs?

If so, you‘re not the only one. It was something that I thought about as well when I discovered strange psoriasis patches on my skin. I had previously never given much thought to what psoriasis was, it was just a disease that didn‘t affect me.

Finding out I was suffering from psoriasis came as a bit of a shock, and I got a second one when my doctor said there was no cure. Everything I tried to get rid of the rashes did very little by way of curing it, so I decided to try the natural approach.

It’s not that what my doctor advised didn’t have any effect, it’s just that the effect was always temporary. After a course of topical treatment ended and I stopped using the creams, the psoriasis started to re-appear and so I had to start with the creams again.

The reason for this, while obvious to me now, I only realised when I began to look into an alternative natural psoriasis remedy:

They only treat the symptoms of the disease, not the underlying cause!

Apart from creams, your doctor may suggest UVB therapy. This is usually used when topical treatments either didn‘t work or are impractical, such as when very large areas of skin is affected. You will have to visit a local hospital, medical centre or clinic to have the treatment, which involves standing in a light booth while you skin is exposed to UVB rays.

Exposing your skin to UVB rays causes the over-production of skin cells to slow down to normal levels, which is what caused the psoriasis. You will need to have these UVB therapy sessions up to 5 times a week, for up to 6 weeks.

For me, although I did see definite improvement after my psoriasis UVB treatment course ended, there was one major drawback:

A few weeks after my last session, the psoriasis started to come back!

So, whilst the UVB therapy method does get beneath the surface in addressing the problem, the results are still only temporary. It does get a step nearer the root of the problem, but it still doesn’t address what causes this auto-immune disease in the first place.

So how can natural treatments for psoriasis get to the root of the problem? People who practise and research natural medicine tend to agree that, psoriasis is generally a modern day disease. Everything from the food we eat to the air we breath is full of chemical toxins, toxins which create havoc with our immune systems if left un-checked.

The key to curing psoriasis lies in adopting a holistic program that reduces the amount of toxins that get into your body, whilst also helping your body get rid of those toxins already in there. A good start would be to adopt a diet for psoriasis that comprises of more fresh and organic fruit and vegetables and less processed food. Combine this with a good detox program to regularly flush out any toxic build-up, and you will have made a good start in becoming free of psoriasis.