Natural ways to unclog a drain

Unclogging any drain naturally.

Unclogging a drain can be done quickly and easily without the use of strong chemicals or over the counter drain unclogging products. Use these great natural methods to unclog your drain safely and easily.

There are a few ways to naturally and safely unclog a drain, some won’t even cost you a penny to do. Depending on the kind of drain that you are trying to unclog, one or more of these ways may work better then others on certain drain types.

Plunger – The plunger has been the way to unclog toilets for years and years. But did you also know that the plunger can be used to unclog almost any kind of drain? The concept of suction is how the plunger works, which makes it a great tool to use and one you likely already own.

Position the plunger over the drain hole, creating a complete seal around the drain and plunge away. If your sink or bathtub has an overflow hole or overflow plate, you’ll need to cover it with a damp rag or cloth to block air from getting out which will counteract the suction effect.

Hot water – Running hot water directly down into the drain can loosen up a clog so that it eventually breaks up. For best results, remove any drain grate or cover to get the flow of hot water directly into the drain. Make the water as hot as possible coming out of the faucet and run it for a few minutes for best results. This option works best on sinks and bathtubs that have little or no water backed up into the tub or basin.

The snake – Sometimes referred to as a ‘cable auger’, the snake can get deep down into the pipes and unclog even the thickest clogs. You’ll want to firmly work the snake down into the drain as far as you can, then pull it slowly back out. If you don’t have a cable auger or a plumbing snake and the clog isn’t too far down, you can undo and bend a wire coat hanger in a way that you can work it into he drain.

You may meet some resistance as the piping bends around, especially in toilets so you may have to work it in there. Be careful with wire coat hangers as they can get stuck.
Try these all natural ways to unclog your drain and you’ll save some money and skip the bottled drain cleaners often filled with chemicals, strong smells, and harmful ingredients. If the clog doesn’t open up a little bit even after trying all these options, you may need to contact at plumber at that point, especially if the drain is backing up.