NBA 2K Will Always Be Better Than NBA Live

NBA Live was the number one basketball game everyone wanted to play back in the day. Playing NBA Live was as close as you were going to get to playing and feeling like you were in the NBA. Until about the year 2,000 when NBA 2K came out. 2K brought a whole new pespective to the game that actually turned out to be better than NBA Live. NBA 2K to me just blew NBA Live right off the stage making NBA 2K the number one game in my eyes. Between the two games there definitely different.

NBA 2K brought this new real life feeling to me that had me feeling like I was really playing in the NBA. The main thing everyone wants today in basketball video games is for the players to look real and to have some real life moves from certain players. NBA 2K has more than that they have the inside of stadiums looking as real as possible fans walking around the stadium and cheering, crowd chants, from where you score a three and make foul shots and signature moves from certain players. Also in NBA 2K the gameplay is just great for me being a basketball player I actually feel like im playing a real basketball game.

NBA Live was the game I loved to play until about 2,002 when I seen that they weren’t making the improvements to keep up with 2K I just gave up on Live. Playing NBA Live was like playing a arcade game where you can dunk whenever you wanted and just make about every shot you put up and score a whole lot of points. To me that just didn’t give me the feel of a real life basketball game and I gave up LIve for good.

Overall both of the games are good games but if your looking to play a basketball game where you feel like your in a real life situation play NBA 2K. If you want to score alot of points and have alot of dunks and make every shot play NBA Live. For me being a basketball player I like to feel like im playing a real basketball game so I choose 2K.

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