Necessity & Invention

Each and every invention is based on some necessities, without need and necessity we don’t do anything in our life. Necessity is the mother of all invention.

Now we are living in the modern world and have a lot of modern equipment and technology items. All of this items are invented by scientists based on some needs and necessities. Computer is invented for computations, after that scientist find we can achieve a lot of things with it and developed various things with it. 

Internet is invented for the exchanging information  between the military services and it is expanded to the normal people based on the necessity. Cell phone is invented for communication purposes. All the modern and technology item is invented based on some needs and necessity and day by day  it is updated by the developer in various ways and finally we get an unique system with more benefits.

Without necessity there is no need to find or develop a new device, as well as we don’t get idea to invent a new item. Our needs and necessities motivate us to achieve a lot in our life. We will get encouragement and motivation based on our needs and interested in finding a new thing or trying to use the existing thing in a different way to achieve our target.

There is no end for our needs and necessities, dreams and desires. We will get motivation based on our requirements and interested in fulfilling our needs in various ways. Think a lot to achieve our target and find the ways to fulfill our needs, by this way our scientists find a lot of new equipment, as well as update the available one in an useful manner.

All of them having our uniqueness and have the ability to create a new thing based on our needs. Some times smart kids will create some unique and interesting things with their knowledge based on their needs, this kind of child playing activities may also lead for some great inventions. Now a days kids are very smart and have the ability to achieve a lot.