New Mazda Cx5 Hexham

Mazda never fail to please customers and critics with their consistent output of high quality, reliable and innovative cars. The company began quite humbly as a tooling manufacturer in Japan during the inter-war period, but quickly blossomed as the popularity of private cars and vehicles grew, producing its first cars under the Mazda name. Mazda is the god of wisdom and this respect for wisdom is reflected in the policy of the company to support innovation that will improve the performance and experience of driving its vehicles. Examples of this include the Wankel rotary engine, which helped produce a new breed of sports cars and bikes that produce extremely impressive quantities of power for their size, leading to efficient and high performance both on the road and racetrack. In fact, the company still offers rotary engines in some of the sports models that it produces and continues to work on improving the technology.

Today, the company is still dedicated to the development of innovative designs and refinements that continually improve upon old models, ensuring that its products stay on top of the market.

The new Mazda CX5 Hexham is one such product, in fact it is positively packed full of Mazda innovation and is one of the newest vehicles to be released by the company. The new Mazda CX5 Hexham SUV enthusiasts will be clamouring to get a look at will be available in spring 2012 and provides a striking blend of convenience, practicality and style. Though SUV type cars are very popular, there are drawbacks to owning and driving a vehicle of that size. The most obvious practical problems appear when attempting to park in a tight spot and when they are being driven in urban environments. The solution to this problem, without sacrificing the chunky appeal of an SUV, is to produce a slightly smaller version. The CX5 successfully reduces the footprint of the traditional SUV to give a car that is just as practical as any ordinary family car, but with the benefits of an SUV driving experience.

The CX5 also benefits from the Skyactiv technologies that have been implemented throughout its design. These work to improve many areas of performance, making for a car that is fun to drive and highly rated in terms of safety and reliability, not to mention fuel efficiency. It is easy to arrange a test drive of the new Mazda CX5 Hexham dealership, Tyne Mills will be displaying in their showroom, by contacting the sales team.

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