Niche Horde – Keyword Research For Niche Websites

Making your keyword choice and building a theme website will take your personal time and the need to outlay money for domain names and hosting. Aside from your own personal time required to work on your new website, the costs for a domain name and hosting can be achieved for fewer than one hundred dollars per year.

To have a return of income for your one hundred dollars, you will need a website that makes you at least twenty seven cents per day, just to break even. It is often said on the internet that a successful site is one that makes at least three dollars per day.

Google loves websites that have the keyword in the url, the domain name, title of the website and heading in your content. There is no doubt to the search engine that the site is solidly built around the keyword and any search engine listing can be trusted.

That leaves us to choosing the right keyword. The right keyword is one that you can feel comfortable writing about and promoting the content. The keyword also needs to be one that can be indexed on the first page of a search engine, meaning limited competition.

If you can build a website about a keyword that receives a reasonable amount of traffic, returns a good cost per click, can readily make page one of the search engine, then you can be assured of making your three dollars a day.

Choosing the right keyword comes down to conducting solid research. The keyword needs to be identified, the amount of searches performed each month and how many other competing websites there are for that keyword.

When you make your choice of keyword never be tempted to go for the one that returns the most cost per click as you will be competing against other well established websites.

If you have made your keyword selection and built your website against a high competition rate, then you will quickly lose interest as traffic will be non-existent to your site.

On the other hand, your keyword has limited competition and is easy to rank for, then you will enjoy a lot of visitor traffic and a solid return of income on your outlay including, hopefully, your personal time.

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