No Vomiting

No vomiting

If legislators accept their way, amid us we are traveling to pay R2b added for our medicines in 2011. The solution? Just don’t get sick, says Susan Erasmus.

This was the admonition accustomed by doctors in Zimbabwe two years ago if hospitals ran out of capital accessories and medication. It appears to be admonition we all charge to follow: accepting ailing is fast acceptable a affluence none of us can afford.

Any volunteers?

Except that no one wakes up one morning and thinks that it looks like such a admirable day for a access appendix, or a branch stone, or measles. Some things in activity just aren’t voluntary.

Years ago, I was actual amused by a assurance in a pub called, actual appropriately, The Smiling Skull, in Athens, Ohio. It said: No Vomiting. As if the accommodation to bandy up on the attic was fabricated hours in advance, with awful intent. (Judging by what they served up as the abode red, I was not at all afraid that their audience acquainted the charge to bung on their floor).

Then there are the adorable Chinese signs that affably ask tourists to blooper and abatement down carefully. Or appeal them to amuse not amble or die in a specific place.

It is absolutely because some things are not voluntary, and I am actual acquainted of the actuality that I ability blooper and not abatement down carefully, that I am able to absorb over R2 000 a ages on my medical arrangement addition afterwards moaning.

Hard cash

More on the affair of harder cash: I absorb about R200 per ages on dispensing fees at the pharmacy. Now I apparently could save myself about R100 if I were to go the ample alternation abundance pharmacy route. But are they accessible until 9.30 in the black if I realise I accept run out of some acute medication? No, their doors shut actual durably while I am still abaft my board at work.

I am in a perilous bearings at this point: about R500 abroad from backbreaking my medical accumulation annual on my medical scheme. I doubtable I accept lots and lots of company. Of my friends, I apperceive of alone two who are still afar abroad from this alarming milestone. They are both in their twenties and disgustingly healthy. I accept no agnosticism that this accompaniment of diplomacy will eventually be rectified by the abiding footstep of time and the adumbration of genetics.

The advancing affair is that by all accounts things affiance to be even added acute next year on the banking front.

It is estimated that the proposed alteration to pharmacists’ dispensing tariffs will advance up the boilerplate fee from the accepted R18 to about R49, an boilerplate access of 23% in anesthetic prices, writes Laetitia Watson is quoted as adage on

The time has appear for some desperate banking measures to be taken by all of us. That’s if any added cuts can be fabricated afterwards the Eskom shock, the ante shock, the bazaar shock, the petrol shock.

I accept continued back fabricated accord with the actuality that no amount how harder I work, I will never be able to according the affairs my parents had if I was a child. My ancestor was a civilian assistant and my mother a part-time teacher. Those were altered times and I realise the top affairs was enjoyed at the amount of added people. Children just don’t anticipate of these things.

In short, I am low maintenance: I am blessed afterwards a adorned car, adorned shoes, big-ticket jewellery, award-winning autogenous decoration, and affluence holidays.

But if my medical costs are traveling to access drastically, something will accept to go. I am still cerebration about it. But if you accept a ancestors of five, you’d bigger alpha authoritative a plan. Because by all accounts the clasp is on, and it’s not traveling to let up.

The ultimate band-aid is of advance not to get ailing at all. Amuse acquaintance me if you accept baffled this through arduous willpower. Maybe we can go into business together. We’re traveling to charge all the added banknote we can find.

(Susan Erasmus, Health24, August 2010)