No Work Permit Required jobs in Canada

But there is exception that certain jobs in Canada are exempt from work permit requirements. These jobs include:

Business Visitors: People coming to Canada on business do not need a work permit. Business visitors must work for a company located outside of Canada. Business visitors cannot directly enter the Canadian labour market.

On-Campus Employment: Certain foreign students studying in Canada can work on their campus without a work permit.

Performing Artists: Foreign artists and their essential supporting staff coming to Canada to perform do not need a permit if they are only performing in Canada for a limited period of time and will not be performing in a bar or restaurant. Artists working in Canada in this category may not enter into an employment relationship with the Canadian group that has contracted for their services.

News Reporters: Reporters working for foreign newspapers, television channels, news agencies, or companies involved in reporting news events may work in Canada to report on events in Canada.

Clergy: Persons who are coming to Canada to work as ordained ministers, lay persons or members of a religious order, do not need a work permit to perform their religious duties or assist a religious group. These religious duties may include preaching doctrine, presiding at liturgical functions or spiritual counselling.

Examiners and Evaluators: Professors and academic experts may come to Canada to evaluate or supervise academic projects, research proposals or university theses. This applies to Canadian research organizations as well as academic institutions.

Health Care Students: Foreign health-care students can do their clinical clerkships or short-term work in Canada without a work permit if the work is for the primary purpose of acquiring training. Health care students must have written approval from the Canadian regulatory board responsible for their occupation.