Nokia 5300D

          Finally, I got my own bought cell phone with a camera. My other phones were all given to me and not from my own pocket now I got my own. It is a Nokia 5300D which I do not know what year it is launched, all I know is I got one 5 months ago. I like its simple rectangular shape and the size is I think just perfect for me, not so big nor so small which other might prefer either. The thickness is perfect about a third of an inch. I do not know about other people who do not like its size but it is very fine for me beauty is in the eye if the be holder well, this is just my opinion after all. The features are pretty simple as usual and easy to navigate I guess this is what Nokia is best known for. When I looked in the inside I saw the ” made in Finland” label in a sticker. So I think I bought an original one where original and imitation is a big issue now a days. Well, at least it is made in Finland something that I can brag about. I navigate more through it and I discovered that after I choose  the “Use Number”  option where you can save the phone number of the one who texted or called you, something went wrong. After I pushed the OK button , it did not save the number to my phone book list. Instead the phone dialed the  and started calling the particular number that I wanted to save, so I immediately aborted the call. Another thing I do not like is the Radio feature. It would require you to plug an earphone in it before you can use it, unlike other phones that I have, you will never hear any music even if you set the loud speaker mode on. I am very upset since I am a music lover. May it was my fault I did not test this particular feature without an earphone because it was tested with an earphone in it by the time of buying this.

         Other than these two negatives, I do not see any more defect. From messaging, web browsing to media features I think they are real fine. The keypad is real good because it is flat, soft touch buttons yet very durable. I had seen the same model from one of my friends and I noticed that its keypad letters are getting blurred already and the back cover is starting to shake a bit if you shake the phone. It is supposed  to be unshakable right? I wonder if mine would be like it but I doubt because his is made from China. Besides, I bought mine ahead of his and I am using it every day. So I guess same model but his phone retired ahead of mine. Knowing its simplicity and very user friendly, the Nokia 5300D is one piece like especially this unit that I call my very own. I had used more complex phones before but I like this one better. Not that I love my own, it is just that simplicity is good without rendering effectiveness and durability. Nokia 5300D is good for simple people well, I guess that includes me.