Obesity- The yoga way

246131684.jpgA keen eye on the diet, followed by meditation and yoga can come to the rescue of this problem. Meditation helps to de-stress the body and yoga asanas normalizes the thyroid function. The problem of obesity is not more because of the overeating habit but because of the malfunctioning of the thyroid gland to metabolize the food properly.

The thyroid gland may malfunction because of the deficiency of nutrients or inadequate exercise that its tissue requires. All glandular functions are taken care by the pituitary which in turn is controlled by the hypothalamus. When the body is under stress, the hypothalamus does not function normally. Hence, even when a person is on good diet and exercises regularly, is not able to lose weight.

The first tool to fight against obesity is therefore

 De-strees by way of meditation.

  1. Yoga: There are several yoga asanas that can help to make the body fit. A simple yoga that one can practice is to lie down on the back. Hold the rib cage with your hands on either side and throw the legs and trunk up to keep the legs in a vertical position. The trunk should form a 30 degree angle with the ground. Breathe normally and be in the posture for 3-5 minutes. Gradually increase the duration as you proceed further.

To come down, bend the legs and bring the knees to the chest. Slowly straighten the legs and put them on the ground without lifting the head

Do not follow if you are a heart patient, or have problems like hernia and severe spinal ailments.