Oil Painting: A Royal Art of Painting With Oil Paints

Art Work only is the place where various forms of art are displayed to public. The various art are sculpture, hand loom, photographs, illustrations, installations art, paintings and applied arts. Works of various artists are exhibited in a cluster of rooms in a series so that art lovers can evaluate and admire the skills and innovative thoughts.

Art galleries can be divided into many: private & public art can be classified into Contemporary, Abstract, Modern etc.
•    The public galleries are generally referred to as museums which display selected work of renowned artists. The works displayed are purely for art lovers to get inspiration for general public who are involved in the same.

•    The private art galleries refer to the private motive or for commercial purpose which is basically for the sale of art.

Both the art galleries host temporary exhibition and the practice of showcasing the famous work of arts. The trend of such practice has undergone lots of changes. Private art and Public can be classified into Contemporary, Abstract, Modern etc.

Contemporary Art is said to emerge as a reaction of modernism that was the early part of the 20th century. Post that era is also associated with a multiplicity of views and styles that everything is acceptable as art.

Abstract art is said to be the mixture of number of styles, its basic philosophy and seek out the answers for questions that are related to history existence. It is the combination of certain visual aspects of abstract European culture and German culture.

Modern Art is still on a search. Human’ nature is that he is never condemned with the existing. Thus modern art has yet not reached any definition as it is still on search.

Art is a wonderful aspect of life, oil paintings are considered to be a relatively new and beautiful and unique form of art. The exact meaning of oil painting is painting with the use of oil pigments, artists used to have a mythological and decorative outlook to art.  

Jan Van Eyck was the first one to thought of oil painting. Tempera paint was made from ground up pigments of plants and minerals that were combined with binder to form paint. Van Eyck uses oil paint. He did this by using oil as a binder, instead of egg in the paint. He thought that adding oil would make colors look glossier in his painting. After trial and error, he found out that oil paintings gave their best when applied in several layers. He found out that with oil paints he could reach the realism and nature he was seeking in his art.

There were some world famous painters such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Vincent Van Gogh, and Pablo Picasso. Whose work purely reflects their hard work and devotion. In that times, there was nothing called as technology such as Art Reproduction, then to they managed to deliver some of the greatest works of the history, which are still incomparable and unique.

               People are now-a-days more interested in possessing fine Art Reproduction rather than handmade paintings. As the demand is enhancing at a vast rate, various companies as well as online shopping marts are mainly deal with such kind of items.