Olive Tasty And Healthy

Many people believes that green olives and black olives is a different fruit. In fact, they differ only at the level of maturity. Green olives -are picked before ripening and black  grows on the tree  longer and has  time to “fill” oil on it that is why call them olives.

People have always associated  –  olive tree is something divine.The ancient Greeks believed that they should be appreciate for goddess Athena, the olive branch for them was symbol of fertility and wisdom. The Egyptians placed the olive tree for the goddess Isis and was believed that this tree – a symbol of justice. Christians believe that the olive branch in  beak which brought pigeon – the peace between God and people in the world after the world  flood.

It is believed that such a respectful response to the olive tree is related to their longevity. Olive tree grows very slowly, and some of the trees above the age thousands of years. Probably because in most nation alive the belief that the olive tree does not die and can live forever. The  fruit of tree  may be quite unlike each other. One kind of size can be compared with the cherry, the other – more recalls plums. Color changes during the ripening. Green olives with time becomes pink – brown tint, and when fully ripe, is black.

However, all types of olives in common is that they can not be eat fresh. Fruit, freshly picked from the tree, very hard, but if you are able to bite off a small piece of you waiting for untold bitterness. Therefore, in order to extract a tasty snack they are soaking  for long time, and then they are soaking  in the salt or  marinate. In addition salted fruit is harder than pickled.

Legendary Avicenna, olives considered the drug  from a lot of diseases. The famous doctor was not so wrong after all, they are also particularly useful for our body. The large number of B vitamins, high in vitamin A, which requires vision, vitamin D, necessary for bone strength and teeth, vitamin E and ascorbic.  Olives prevent cardiovascular disease, premature aging and malignant tumors. But, nevertheless, the most important from  olive – oil. Its content in fruit varies from 50% to 80%, it is worth to say that the quantity of oil depends on the fruit ripeness.

Olives is ideal for the reduction of harmful cholesterol in the blood, which means – in our hearts – to improve the cardiovascular system, and as prophylaxis against atherosclerosis. In most cases the olives served before dinner, as a snack. To protect yourself from gastritis and gastric ulcer during the day to eat 10 olives.

Olives assist the body to neutralize any toxic substances. As a result, they are considered the most ideally supplement the various alcoholic cocktails. Olives not only improves the taste great, but also protects against ailment morning after a friendly get-togethers.

Since ancient times people believed that a male increases the power of the olives. Is this true, yet it is not clear, yet, the Mediterranean coastal countries, people, where olives are part of the daily menu, in fact, boasts hot temper.

You can found olives, stuffed anchovies, lemon, pepper, etc. These fruits are rich enough and not worth the damage to their extra ingredients. The only possible “manipulation”, which addresses the olives – pitted removal. Among other things, gourmets are sure that this “operation” will damage the fruit quality and taste.

Before you buy olives, look on the package information on fruit diameter. The data may be as follows: 70/90, 140/160, 300/220. These figures represent the number of fruit per kilogram of dry weight. Therefore, the higher number representing the diameter of the smaller olives. Suppose the statement says 240/260 on the kilo has less than 240 and not 260 more oil. Fruit cup must be the same shape and size – it tells about the quality of the product.

Of course the cup shall not be distorted, must be free  of rust and other defects.

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