One Way of Making Money Online!

You must have heard many titles similar this one. Truth is there are many ways to do this, and believe me none of them isn’t fast. To be honest you will earn more money working in fast foods or something like that, good part is that it doesn’t take 5-8 hours a day, it takes only about one hour a day, but you may need to do that for month or two before u see some results. You can do blogging and earn money from commercials, you can visit PTC (pay to click sites) , or you can , i prefer this the most, visit PPD (pay per download sites).

PPD how to earn money:

I have always wondered why do people put links of movies , series, games, etc… on the web so we can download them. Well, actually there are sites that pay you to do that. For each download you get some money , it isn’t much around 0,01-0,04 depends on the size of file. So you are thinking how to make people download your link.

  • The first step is to register on around 50-100 forums where you can put your download links.
  • When you are choosing what to upload , my advice is to follow the new episodes on topical series (you can do that on and when something new is up you should be among first to share it on forums you have registered earlier. This is the best way to get lots of downloads.

Also there are many sites that offer this , megaupload ,rapidshare, etc…. my choice is wupload, it is new site and you don’t have to actually upload files from computer. Standard user can convert other wupload link to his own wupload link, premium user can convert any download link to his own wupload link, also Wupload gives more money per 1000 downloads. Anyway you can check it here and see is it something you like –

This is great doing while in high school or college, its nice pocket money to take a girl out, but nothing more! I don’t recommend this for someone who needs steady income, also you can’t do this for living ! :))