Online Adventures: Getting Busy on The Internet

Here is a list of some great activities that you may engage in while surfing the internet:

Personal Interest: Using specialty websites
that help you pursue your personal interests & hobbies or a blog/forum you
read or write

News, Sports & Weather: Keeping up to
date with current affairs, sports, culture and the weather

Multi-Media, Entertainment: Watching video
(e.g. on YouTube), listening to radio (e.g. on Pandora), downloading music or
video (e.g. iTunes), etc.

Social Networking & Connecting:
Connecting and sharing with others online, such as with Facebook or Twitter,
uploading pictures to a photo sharing site, or Internet dating

Knowledge & Education: Using the web to
find general information & learn. This includes ‘googling’ intellectual
information (not shopping), enriching your knowledge through use of online
encyclopedias and self educating online

Planning & Organizing:Planning &
organizing your life online, such as planning trips, using map services,
planning a holiday or finding the address of a restaurant

Online Gaming: Playing games on the
Internet, either single-player games or multi-player games (not on a gaming

Personal Admin: Using Internet banking,
paying your bills, checking your telephone or energy bill online, doing your
taxes, etc.

Email: Your own personal email account.
Checking your inbox, writing and composing email messages

Pre-purchase and browsing: Browsing for
things to buy online or offline, reading consumer reviews, using any website to
help your purchase decision and finding the best prices and deals, including
searching for products via a search engine (Google, Yahoo! etc.)

Shopping: Purchasing online, whether it be
groceries, movie tickets, clothing, gifts, flights or even services (music,
travel, financial products etc.)